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Exercise Your Brain at CONEXPO with their Education Programs

Exercise Your Brain at CONEXPO with their Comprehensive Education Program-01

Exercise Your Brain at CONEXPO with their Education Programs

CONEXPO starts tomorrow. Are you ready? The show is packed with everything you need to grow your business, whether you’re a contractor, a business owner, construction material producer or otherwise involved in the construction industry.

conexpo_2It’s all about education – seeing and inspecting the newest equipment, networking with industry experts to get their insight and opinions on best practices and what’s in store for the future of construction, getting tips from OEM reps and colleagues on how you can sharpen your marketing to grow your business in this still-very-tough economy.

As competitive as the construction industry remains, it literally pays to have all your people become as well-versed and well-rounded as possible.

CONEXPO has you covered, with ten tracks of formal education classes.

Informal information-gathering can be invaluable, but the “official” seminars and workshops provide an in-depth look at the latest industry trends, tools, and techniques – information you just can’t get elsewhere. CONEXPO’s ten education tracks are organized so you can easily zoom in on the information that’s most meaningful to your specific role, or that piques your interest to broaden your horizons.

conexpo_comprehensive_education_programHere’s what the show’s producers have to say about the focus of each of these tracks:

  • Aggregates — current methods and trends in quarry production and plant design.
  • Asphalt — techniques and innovations in asphalt paving, recycling, materials, and plant management.
  • Business Management Best Practices — on improving and building business strategies and tools needed to manage and strengthen your company for today’s and tomorrow’s success.
  • Concrete — the latest practices and advances in concrete materials, masonry, production, and plant management.
  • Crane & Rigging — standards, regulations and safety in crane and rigging operations.
  • Earthmoving & Site Development — current business and equipment practices for large equipment contractors.
  • Equipment Management & Maintenance — the latest in fleet asset management and maintenance trends.
  • Recycling & Preservation — the latest innovations and technology surrounding recycling and environment.
  • Safety Regulations — practices, training, and regulations designed to keep crews and plants safe.
  • Workforce Development — developing and improving your personal skills to be effective and successful in today’s workforce.


Feeling stressed because you can’t make all the sessions, or even the show? No worries.

It’s nearly impossible for even the most dedicated learners to sit in on all the educations that interest you. And it’s possible you’re not even able to attend this year’s show. But you can still take full advantage of the education opportunities. The entire CONEXPO-CON/AGG education program will be recorded and available after the show.

You can go ahead and purchase the recorded sessions right now, and two weeks after the show ends you’ll receive an email link giving you access to every one of the show’s sessions. The link will be active for six months.

Here’s why that’s so important. Even if you did attend sessions and you’re a champion note-taker and you grabbed all the handouts, you may want to hear and see it all again, just as a refresher. And any of your people who couldn’t make the show – or that particular seminar – can “attend” after the fact. That exponentially expands your company’s learning capabilities.

You’ll have the information you need to manage your business more productively and market it more effectively. How else are you going to compete in this tough environment?


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