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Generate Online Leads Quickly With These 10 Tips

Generate Online Leads Quickly With These 10 Tips-01

Generate Online Leads Quickly With These 10 Tips

The more techniques you use to generate leads for your dealership, the more you’re increasing the odds of finding great new customers. Of course, volume isn’t your goal, it’s quality that counts when it comes to lead generation. Nonetheless, today’s prospects can be found almost anywhere, online and off. Without making a broad effort to reach them, you could easily miss that next Great Customer for Life.

Whatever means you have been using to generate online leads, a review of these 10 proven methods could provide a big boost to your marketing results.


Print is out, electronic is in. Put an invitation to sign up for your monthly newsletter on multiple website pages, letting folks know they’ll receive the latest industry or product news and timely business management tips to save money and boost productivity. Promote your newsletter with a link on your email signature, too.


This is still your best lead gen opportunity, next to your website. Invite visitors to subscribe to your blog as well as your newsletter. Share links to blog articles in your newsletter, as well as via social media. As with e-books and other content, forego sales pitches in favor of timely, relevant information prospects can use to benefit their own business and make smart buying decisions.

PEER Strategy | Engage | Whitepapers | Loyalty BoundE-Books

Downloadable educational content is a must-have for any marketing repertoire, especially for dealerships like yours that sell to other businesses. E-books allow you to share helpful information in an easy-to-consume, non-salesy format. Considering how complex the construction and trucking industries have become – and how complex machines themselves are now – your prospects are hungry for tips and insight. They’ll gladly trade their email address for your wisdom.


Once again, sharing useful information is the best way to generate leads (and retain customers). Record and archive webinars, so they continue to attract leads for you. You can also invite webinar participants to subscribe to your blog or download an e-book as a next step in their engagement with you.

video marketingVideo

These days it’s pretty easy to create short videos, and they are amazingly versatile. You can share links via social media, your blog and newsletter, and embed videos on your website. Posting videos to YouTube and other social platforms can exponentially increase your reach. What about content? Any how-to topic is perfect for a visual presentation. Or you could do 360o video “tours” of new machinery or attachments.


These “word pictures” are great for giving visual interest to otherwise dry subjects – how-to steps, compilations of statistics, etc. Use infographics to periodically change up your blog, with a short introduction. Share them socially, including on Pinterest. You can even print infographics to use as posters in your showroom or shop. Make sure to include your name, logo and web address to brand your infographics and enable leads to contact you.

Posting Shareable Content on Social Media Will Make Your Business More SuccessfulTwitter and LinkedIn

Both of these platforms, though seemingly very different, offer great opportunities to connect with influencers in your industry. Start a conversation, or contribute to ongoing exchanges. As their followers become familiar with you, you’ll build authority and brand recognition. That can lead to referrals.

Media coverage

Make personal contact with reporters and/or business editors who work for local publications as well as regional or even national industry publications. Ask them what kind of stories they like to run, then send along ideas when you have something relevant. Do not pester them with dealership “news” that is not (sorry) newsworthy to anyone else. If you respect their job, they will return the favor by seeking you out when they need comments, background or insight about stories.

hand_shake_flat_icon-02Networking events

Despite the myriad opportunities at your fingertips to generate online leads, face-to-face meetings are still necessary to build your business. Regional and national industry events are important, but so are local gatherings – especially those that attract other business people, such as Rotary and the chamber of commerce. You’re giving your dealership a face as well as a name, and networking events are an excellent way to promote your industry to the general public.

Consistent branding

This is critical. Be sure everything about your dealership and your marketing looks and “feels” the same. Otherwise, you’ll simply confuse prospects and water down all your other efforts to generate leads, online or off.

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