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Get Creative With Your Dealership’s Video Marketing Strategy

Get Creative With Your Dealership's Video Marketing Strategy | ADI Agency
Get Creative With Your Dealership's Video Marketing Strategy | ADI Agency

Get Creative With Your Dealership’s Video Marketing Strategy

If your dealership isn’t using video marketing, you’re missing out on easy opportunities to attract website traffic and engage with visitors. What is video good for?

  • Understanding-IC-Intelligent-Compaction-Improves-EfficienciesShowing anything that moves – machinery, parts of equipment, people operating equipment or working on machines
  • Showing things that are hard to explain in words only
  • Putting faces to names (personalizing your staff and dealership)

Any of these sound relevant to you? Of course they do. Construction equipment and heavy-duty trucks move for a living, so they are ideal video candidates. And video is often the most effective marketing medium. In fact, 90% of those who watch product videos say it helps them make a buying decision.

So let’s look more closely at how you can get creative with video in your dealership’s marketing strategy.

Expand your social media content

Video is so popular now, key social platforms all offer tools you can use to publish video content more easily. That includes Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and even Instagram.

Get Creative With Your Dealership's Video Marketing Strategy | ADI AgencyBoost your SEO

No surprise, Google has noticed that searchers often prefer video. And since their display rankings are based on user behavior, your videos have a good chance of ranking higher than text-only matches. That’s especially true for certain types of searches such as “how to …” because video excels when it comes to demonstrating something. People want to see what you’re talking about.

Zero in on your target audience

Prospects (and existing customers) are looking for information about products. They’re looking for the right dealership to buy from. And they’re hoping for a personalized experience. You can use video to educate, build trust, and strengthen customer satisfaction and loyalty. Thinking about each of your marketing personas will tell you what types of video content will resonate best with them.

How to use video

Video marketing can create value for every persona, at any buying stage. For example, you can use video to:

  1. Introduce your dealership to new visitors and prospects – a short, friendly “who we are” video on your home page is sure to be watched.
  2. Demonstrate products – either a new piece of equipment, or a few component – talking about benefits as well as showing off features.
  3. Teach viewers – as noted above, anything “how to” is perfect material for a video.
  4. Let customers deliver testimonials in their own words – third-party validation is even more credible when viewers can see the person’s face. You can create testimonial videos one person at a time, or edit together a few people’s comments.
  5. Interview experts – your own team members or visiting “gurus” from OEMs, etc. Interviewing your own people not only increases your dealership’s “authority,” it helps potential customers put names to faces. That builds comfort and trust.
  6. Tell stories about your dealership – just as it’s fun to write blog articles or post social comments occasionally about your latest doings, awards, etc., videos can deliver that same content.
  7. Record webinars or other live events at your dealership – you can export the video to your website as well as post on YouTube, giving those who couldn’t be there in person access to the same information. Don’t forget to include transcribed text, too, for viewers who want to skim the material.

Tips to make your video marketing even better

  • Give each video a custom description and keyword labels, to make it easier for search engines to index the content and match it up with searches.
  • Embed videos on your website, where visitors can easily find them. Make sure they are “above the fold,” so everyone can notice them without having to scroll down. Nearly three-quarters of consumers say watching product videos makes them more likely to buy that product.
  • Host videos on YouTube as well, to capture attention from new prospects. YouTube and its “parent” Google are the two largest search engines.
  • Create a “rich snippet” (thumbnail) for each video using a customized graphic, to catch a searcher’s eye as they’re viewing displayed search results.

Above all, keep your video marketing content short. Except in the case of webinars which may be 30 or even 60 minutes long, videos should be very short to retain viewer attention. Think 2 to 5 minutes, depending on the content. (Two minutes is longer than you think.) If your content is complex, break it up into “chapters” people can watch one at a time. (This gives you more videos to post, too.)

Get Creative With Your Dealership's Video Marketing Strategy | ADI Agency

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