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Get The Most Of Your Dealership Facebook Page in 2017 With These 6 Tips

Get The Most Of Your Dealership Facebook Page in 2017 With These 6 Tips

Get The Most Of Your Dealership Facebook Page in 2017 With These 6 Tips

Just like your dealership, Facebook is constantly evolving. They want to be as relevant and valuable for their users as possible. That’s why they launched several new features over the last few months. By taking advantage of the latest developments, you can ensure your dealership Facebook page remains relevant and useful for your prospects and customers, too.

How can you do that in 2017? Here are 6 tips to refresh (or reinforce) your Facebook strategy:

Embracing Digital Marketing Within Your Dealership | communication | engage1. Use current best practices to get the most from your posts
The more your prospects and customers use Facebook, the more ways they find to really use it. They develop a personal style, in terms of when they post, what they post or share, etc. Your dealership Facebook page reflects your business style, too. What’s important here is to take proactive charge of that style so you’re projecting exactly the image and tone you want.

Meanwhile, Facebook continues to offer new options to personalize posting and “receiving” preferences. You must consider all that when you craft your posts. The latest best practices – based on a massive study of Facebook usage — include:

  • Brevity – your posts will attract the most engagement if you keep them to no more than 50 characters. (And you thought tweets were short!)
  • Off-peak timing – not surprisingly, your posts are likely to get more attention when the News Feed is less busy.
  • Asking rather than telling – posing questions is the most certain way to stimulate response. You know this from the rest of your marketing, right? Not only will engagement increase, you will learn more about your dealership’s prospects and customers. Depending on the question you ask, you can score valuable insight to improve your marketing and your dealership’s services.
  • Video – again, this is one of the hottest assets for all your marketing efforts. Video always garners far more shares than other types of posts.

Get The Most Of Your Dealership Facebook Page in 2017 With These 6 Tips-022. Use the reminder feature, so you don’t forget to post
Hopefully, you use a marketing/editorial calendar to drive when and what you post. In case you don’t, this simple feature will prevent you from missing boat when it comes to relevance and timeliness. For example, think about special events such as trade shows or your annual open house that you especially want to publicize. Or special OEM-sponsored promotions.

As Facebook points out, they “can remind you to update your page on days that are important to you. Regular posts build trust and engagement, and reminders can make it easier to follow a posting schedule.”

3. Optimize your cover photo for mobile users
Your construction or trucking customers are more mobile than anyone, so you have to cater to that. Facebook cover photos display differently on desktop and mobile. You can easily ensure your viewers see everything – just as you intended – by creating an invisible 134-pixel “border” on the sides. Important visual elements and all text should be inside that border.

4. Replace your profile photo with a mini-video
It will run as a loop. Limit it to no more than 7 seconds, and be sure your logo/branding are prominent.

5. Use captions with your video ads
One of the things that most irritates Facebook users (and other recipients of your online marketing) is audio that pops up automatically when they open a video. This is especially true if they’re browsing Facebook at work (even if they’re looking at work-related posts). Your goal is to provide a superior user experience, so instead of audio, add text captions using the Power Editor feature. These can also appear automatically, but silently.

6. Use your desktop to broadcast live video
The most recent update to Facebook Live enables you to broadcast from a web browser – in real time. There are other new video-related features, too, including video metrics that allow Profiles with 5000 or more followers to analyze video response.

Notice how many of these tips involve video? If you aren’t making maximum use of this opportunity, your dealership Facebook page (and the rest of your marketing efforts) cannot perform as well as you’d like. So perhaps the biggest tip for 2017 is simply: video!


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