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Get Inside Your Prospects Heads. Are You Marketing Your Construction Equipment Business Correctly?

Get Inside Your Prospects Heads. Are You Marketing Your Construction Equipment Business Correctly

Get Inside Your Prospects Heads. Are You Marketing Your Construction Equipment Business Correctly?

With competition as tough as it is, you need to market your construction equipment continuously, regardless whether it’s your busy season or not. Prospects are thinking ahead to the next season (or even the one after that), so you should be, too. Are you doing everything to get inside their heads, so your marketing is entirely relevant to their needs, at this time?

6 Proven Ways To Create New Sales On An Equipment or Truck Dealership Blog-02Making new contacts, pulling together proposals, promoting impressive work in progress or finished projects are all ways to market your business, but none of these should focus on you. What matters most is your prospects. In order to secure new business, you need to convince potential clients you have what they want. And in order to do that, you have to know what they want.

Simply assuming can lead you astray.

Without intimate knowledge of your prospects, the points you choose to emphasize in marketing your construction equipment business are not necessarily pertinent. That’s wasted effort and wasted opportunity.

Instead, you need to understand your prospects’ key business challenges and why your reputation is so important.

What matters most to prospects? Solving their business challenges.

If you can help them do that, you’ll be their top choice construction equipment firm, every time. Different types of prospects have different challenges, but in a recent large industry study, every single architectural, engineering and construction services company surveyed said their biggest challenge was the tough economy combined with competition. Less than two-thirds of contractors surveyed listed that as their prospects’ #1 problem. That kind of disconnect can cost you dearly.

personas_sheetsClosing the gap puts you squarely ahead of your competitors. You aren’t just “priced right,” you understand what prospects are facing. Through smart marketing, you can demonstrate you have the wherewithal to help them solve their key problems. Don’t expect them to figure it out for themselves – they’re busy and worried about their future. Spell out clearly what’s in it for them when they choose you.

How do you know?

  • Keep with industry publications, conferences, etc. because broader trends and the latest best practices impact both you and your prospects.
  • Track the competition as well as your own business – you can’t tell prospects why you’re a better choice if you cannot differentiate your business from others.
  • Network and listen. Ask current customers about their worst headaches, and ask point blank how you could be more helpful with those problems. Ask prospects that got away why they didn’t select you. You’ll get superb advice on how you can improve communication, add or tweak services, etc. to attract and keep more customers.

There’s a side benefit here: everyone loves to be asked their opinion. It’s flattering. From a marketing standpoint, it’s engaging – a non-salesy reason to connect with potential and existing clients.

your_dealerships_brand-300x300Your reputation speaks for itself. What does it say?

You undoubtedly possess many positive business qualities your marketing can stress, but the vast majority of buyers say “producing results” is the reputation factor they look for first. You’ll get more attention – and win more jobs – by marketing your firm’s focus on achieving results.

Getting the word out.

Pushy sales techniques are now considered overtly offensive – remember, the focus should be on your prospects’ wants and needs, not what you think is most important about yourself. Providing useful, timely information is the most effective marketing technique to broaden your company’s visibility and make a name for yourself as a valuable working partner in the construction equipment business.

“Content marketing” uses avenues such as your website, blog, social media participation, webinars, videos, tip-sheets, e-books and your e-newsletter to connect with prospects and stay in touch with them as well as existing clients. When your content focuses on helping people resolve their key challenges, it reinforces your reputation as a company that cares about their future as well as your own. You’re producing results for them – not just on a given job but on their bottom line.


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