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How AI Can Boost Your Dealership’s Brand

How AI Can Boost Your Dealership’s Brand | ADI Agency

How AI Can Boost Your Dealership’s Brand | ADI Agency

How AI Can Boost Your Dealership’s Brand

Whoever thought we’d be talking about artificial intelligence and personalization in the same sentence – let alone talking about how one can boost the effectiveness of the other. But this is where technology has taken us, and forward-thinking truck and heavy equipment dealers are “hiring” AI to help them deliver better customer service. But generic automation won’t do – you need branded AI (artificial intelligence).

From hunt-and-peck to thoughtful assistance

Is it really possible to automate your way to a more personalized customer experience? In a word, yes. In a typical scenario, a prospect or existing customer visits your website and is entirely on their own to find the information they seek. Hopefully, your site has well-designed navigation that facilitates this process, but even that is not proactively helpful.

The reason artificial intelligence tools are making waves with businesses is that they are proactive. AI detects someone’s presence and offers to help them find what they need. It’s almost like having a live receptionist who is clairvoyant. (Almost. AI such as web chat already has tremendous value but it is also a work in progress.)

What really sets AI technology apart and enables it to enhance your dealership‘s brand is its ability to understand and anticipate. These days, your entire marketing program is based on thinking like a customer. Getting into their minds. You gather data about them right and left, starting with their first visit to your website, trying to understand their goals and innermost desires so you can interact with them in relevant, timely ways. As your relationship evolves, it deepens. The more you know about customers, the better you can serve them.

AI uses customer data in the same way, learning about them with each encounter and drawing from each customer’s history to enhance the next encounter.

Brand AI is conversational – in fact, we now call it conversational marketing – enabling you to respond in individually appropriate ways to prospects and customers. Website visitors can “converse” with your AI to get answers to questions, be linked with online resource materials, schedule a service or repair appointment, purchase a part or accessory, and – yep – be transferred to a live salesperson if that’s the logical next step. All based on what your customer says they need. That’s a far cry from “leave a message at the beep” or getting cut off without ever getting any help.

And AI never sleeps. Unlike your human team members, artificial intelligence is at your customers’ beck and call 24 hours a day, every day. Nothing says personalization like convenience for customers who expect to be your #1 priority.

Delving deeper into your customers’ psyche

Soon artificial intelligence technology will be able to communicate empathetically with customers – detecting how they feel as well as what they say. Are they happy, frustrated, or downright angry about something? Your AI will “get it” by evaluating your customer’s tone of voice (in writing or via audio), and adjust responses accordingly.

Naturally, you will be able to learn from these moments, too, obtaining greater visibility into what makes customers happy with your dealership and when/where things go wrong. With that, you can improve the effectiveness of your marketing as well as your customer service.

AI can benefit your bottom line as well as customer relationships

We already noted that AI is at work and ready to serve customers all the time. No one has to wait to get an answer to their question, place an order, or set an appointment, even if it’s 3 am. And if your AI platform is integrated with your dealership’s CRM, sales teams can follow up even more efficiently.

Meanwhile, behind the scenes, AI-driven tools save time for sales teams and other personnel by handling tasks using website chat, social media messengers and SMS texting. An AI can respond in seconds.

By now most of us have had at least some experience with AI-powered messaging. Perhaps your dealership is already using webchat or other options. Studies show that the vast majority of consumers and B2B customers like this convenience and think more highly of businesses that have adopted it. In fact, Forbes says that 75% of companies using AI to handle early-stage interactions report an increase in customer satisfaction ratings.

No wonder. By making it easy for web visitors to get what they need, you’re building credibility and trust. You never miss out a chance to do business because you aren’t there. You impress prospects and leads with your outstanding responsiveness. You’re exceeding expectations at every turn, and that says great things about your dealership’s brand.

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