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Increase ROI & Marketing Results With a Limited Marketing Budget

Increase ROI & Marketing Results With a Limited Marketing Budget

Increase ROI & Marketing Results With a Limited Marketing Budget

Busy as we hope your dealership is right now, you cannot neglect your marketing and advertising. You have to continuously keep your name in front of people to increase sales of attachments, parts, service and rentals as the season progresses. You also need to plant sales for equipment sales as customers are looking toward fall/winter and next year.

Marketing that Works for Heavy Equipment Leasing CompaniesSlack off on your marketing, and you’ll feel the financial pinch. Keep it up, and you’ll increase ROI as well as marketing results. You can do this without breaking the bank. Here are five proven ways to boost your marketing results with a limited marketing budget.

Focus online.
These days, the majority of the action is online. There is still a place for traditional advertising, but inbound marketing is crucial if you want people to find your dealership and buy from you. Fortunately, inbound is also much less expensive than traditional advertising. You need:

  • A responsive website that automatically adjusts displays for the type of device your visitor is using. With responsive design, you don’t need to create and maintain a separate mobile-friendly website. If your website is more than two or three years old, it’s past its prime, so now is the time to upgrade to responsive design.
  • Search engine optimization that boosts your website’s rankings in search results. If you aren’t near the top – and definitely on page one – you are effectively invisible to searchers.
  • Content marketing that uses your blog, social media and email to build awareness about your dealership and engage with prospects as you convert them into leads and then into customers.
  • Content management software that allows you to plan and execute integrated marketing campaigns, store customer and response data and analyze results for continuous improvement.

teamYou can’t afford second-best marketing if you expect your dealership to be #1. Partnering with our ADI marketing team can help you make the most of each of these elements to increase ROI, and we can advise you as to the best software for your dealership to pull it all together.

We use a proprietary process for inbound marketing planning and execution. We call it PEER – Prepare, Evolve, Engage, Retain. It’s a full-cycle process that attracts interest from prospects at all buying stages and keeps existing customers coming back for more.

Zoom in on your customers.

We’ve said it before, but it’s so important we’ll say it again: the only way to effectively target your marketing is to know your targets. Otherwise, you’re wasting precious dollars talking to non-prospects. Your audience is comprised of segments (your key sales and service customer areas). What are their specific needs? Who are the decision-makers? Not sure?

personas_sheetsSurveys are one of the most popular (and effective) ways to learn more about your customers beyond basic demographic data and customer-specific details. Surveys are cheap and quick to use, and you can inspire greater response with a small incentive. We can help you design short surveys and interpret the results. When you share the results in your marketing and put what you learn into action, you reinforce customer loyalty.

Once again, your marketing automation software plays a key role on supporting and streamlining this process.

Pare back print.

Brochures are still handy for trade shows, but you’ll save money and storage space by printing only when necessary. Digitize instead. Turn brochures into PDFs people can download, or turn them into SlideShare files for easy online access. When you do print, don’t forget to include all your online contact information, or even a QR code.

Repurpose content.

  • Once you’ve created great online content, increase its value and ROI by presenting it in multiple ways. Talking about a new project?
  • Blog about it
  • Post updates via social media
  • Create short videos or time-lapse segments to show work in progress
  • Link to these things in your email marketing

Increase ROI & Marketing Results With a Limited Marketing BudgetWhile timeliness is important, “evergreen” (always timely) content is cost-effective, too. Plus you remain relevant and appealing to new prospects finding you for the first time.

Seek PR.

Getting the word out about your dealership involves more than direct marketing and advertising. Public relations efforts reinforce that, in ways that are mostly free:

  • Speaking engagements at Rotary or Chamber of Commerce meetings
  • Attendance at career fairs (students are tomorrow’s employees and customers)
  • Press releases that announce new services, products or people
  • Participation in key LinkedIn groups
  • Paid syndication sites such as PRNewswire, PRWeb and BusinessWire

Refining your marketing in these ways will build your online presence into marketing powerhouse to drive more traffic to your website, generate more leads through your blog, social media and email, and convert more of those leads to customers. All within your limited marketing budget.



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