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Instagram for the Trucking And Construction Industries | Travel Around The World


Instagram for the Trucking And Construction Industries | Travel Around The World

Recently we posted a blog article about the importance of using images in your social media interactions – and elsewhere in your marketing. Instagram is one of the best platforms to showcase your images, and if you think it’s not the “right” platform for the trucking industry or the construction equipment industry, think again.

A rapidly growing number of truckers and contractors are using Instagram on the job. Your OEMs are using Instagram, too. If your dealership isn’t at the party, you’re missing out on potentially valuable connections.

What is Instagram?

Construction_TechnologyOnly three years old, Instagram is on a meteoric rise projected to surpass Facebook in terms of growth rate. It already has tens of millions of users. That’s because everybody loves visuals. It’s strictly a mobile app you can download to your smartphone, but mobility is the essence of the trucking and construction industries.

Instagram allows you to easily share pictures and very short videos you take using your phone on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. The plus is that you can apply digital filters to your images – text, hashtags, etc. – so you’re posting more “message.” There are 20 filters you can use to dress up your images.

Videos can’t be longer than 15 seconds, but you’d be surprised at what you can get into that short timeframe. A quick demo, a peek inside or under the hood of your newest truck or machine, scenic on-the-job shots . . . you get the idea.

How can you use Instagram for the Trucking And Construction Industries?

Reach a broader audience, introduce your dealership to them and begin to build a relationship that could turn them into customers. You can do all that with Instagram for the Trucking And Construction Industries.You can search Instagram using broad hashtags such as #construction equipment or narrower ones such as #excavators, to see what photos other people – your prospects and customers, for instance – are posting.

Perhaps more on point, you can share your own pictures. Use photos of your trucks or equipment on the job. Where can you get great action shots? Your customers, of course. Soliciting pictures and short videos from them is a superb engagement activity. And it builds loyalty, too, because you’re giving them a chance to show off their business when you share their photos. Turn it into a contest, and post the winning entries on your website, on other social sites, in your email newsletter.

Have you taken on a new line of construction equipment or attachments? You have a pre-owned truck to sell? You just completed an expansion of your service department? You have new staff? Take a picture and spread the word. You’re attending a popular industry trade show – right now? Take pictures of yourself in your booth, and post them with a “wish you were here” message.

Create a conversation by posting a photo-question – do you like this configuration better than that one? Why?


You can follow your customers and OEMs – or firms you would like to be customers. And naturally you want to develop your own following.

Using Instagram for the Trucking And Construction Industries can attract drivers and equipment operators, too. Finding enough qualified people is a source of considerable concern to many firms these days, and your prospective employees would rather work for an interesting, innovative, quality organization. Use Instagram to literally show them you’re that organization.

Why should you care?

Communicate with your colleagues, prospects and customers, quickly and efficiently. Lighten up your marketing efforts with a humorous photo or simply a spontaneous post – Instagram can be both newsy and fun. Reach a broader audience, introduce your dealership to them and begin to build a relationship that could turn them into customers. You can do all that with Instagram for the Trucking And Construction Industries.


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