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Keep Up With SEO To Remain Competitive In Search Engine Rankings

Keep Up With SEO To Remain Competitive In Search Engine Rankings-01

Keep Up With SEO To Remain Competitive In Search Engine Rankings

It’s important for marketers to remember that search engine optimization (SEO) is a process, not a set-and-forget activity. Your target audiences aren’t static – their interests and even search habits change. And the algorithms Google and other search engines use to rank online content are frequently updated, too. Without constant vigilance, your website can drift out of date, losing contact with your prospective and existing customers in Search Engine Rankings.

PEER Strategy | Evolve | SEO | Loyalty BoundThe construction equipment or heavy trucks your dealership sells have certainly changed dramatically over the past several years, so it’s no surprise that SEO has changed, too. It’s the ability to understand and adapt to change that keeps you competitive, in business and in search engine rankings.

Some things never go out of style.

Fresh content keeps people interested. You wouldn’t send the same email to prospects or customers week after week, because they’d quickly ignore you. Changing up the content on your website, regularly publishing new blog articles and posting on Facebook and other social media platforms all give your audience reasons to return to your website and look forward to hearing from you. website_optimizationQuality content builds your dealership’s reputation as a worthwhile source of information, and that builds trust in you as a place to shop for equipment and services. Quality includes your visitor’s entire experience, not just your content. Optimizing your website so it looks welcoming and is fast and easy to navigate is critical to ensure visitors stay long enough to engage with you. It also makes them want to return. Freshness and quality impress search engines just as much as they do people. But search engines look at more esoteric details, too. Things like the design and overall structure of your website, page-specific details such as keywords, title and image tags, internal and inbound links, visitor behaviors, even external factors that you can’t control.

Enhancing all these factors will improve your Google search results. But over-doing it can red-flag your website.

Search engines use highly complex algorithms to evaluate your website. They can tell the difference between quality, valuable content and cheesy tactics aimed purely at building SEO. Cross the line, and it will backfire. search_enginesCramming too many keywords into your content – called keyword stuffing — makes it “read funny.” Natural phrasing is more pleasing, encouraging visitors to actually read your content. You’ll offer the greatest value by providing useful, interesting, timely  information your audience wants, and that will boost your SEO, too. Use your marketing personas to identify the most relevant topics. Google search results are now based in part on your social media participation. Search engines look at how often you tweet or retweet, your Google+ authorship and similar factors, then they prioritize the people and content connected to you according to shared interests. What’s displayed in a given searcher’s results reflects those shared interests. In other words, your dealership’s social popularity counts toward your SEO.

Don’t panic if you don’t show up on page 1.

Inbound Marketing Software | Loyalty Bound | ADI AgencyNothing is more heart-warming to marketers than seeing their website and content displayed at the top of the first page of search results. But, realistically, we can’t all be Number One. Fortunately, relevance is Number One with searchers, so they’ll look for you on page 2 if that’s what it takes. That’s good news, because generating a lot of traffic from visitors who aren’t interested in your dealership or products has no value. Second page ranking might bring you fewer visitors, but they’ll be better prospects. Search engine optimization has to be strategic to be successful, and it’s an ongoing effort. If you’re using inbound marketing management software — and you should be — it’s much easier to keep track of the details so you don’t overlook something important.

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