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Make Your Dealership Twitter Account Stand Out with These 19 Tips

Make Your Dealership Twitter Account Stand Out with These 19 Tips
Make Your Dealership Twitter Account Stand Out with These 19 Tips

Make Your Dealership Twitter Account Stand Out with These 19 Tips

Surely some of Twitter’s 320 million followers are customers of your dealership – or potential customers who could start as dealership Twitter followers. If only you had sharper tweeting skills, you could take advantage of these statistics:

  • twitter_promoteAbout half of monthly Twitter users follow companies or brands. For social media overall, that number is just 16%.
  • The average Twitter user has 208 followers. If your dealership doesn’t have a lot of followers (yet), you have a multitude of opportunities to grow that number.

In fact, you can start with these 19 tips to make your dealership Twitter efforts stand out:

  1. Subscribe to free services like, that gives you a branded badge you can use to reach a broader audience when you share links.
  1. Use symbols and emojis. Not just for teens, these icons add emotion and emphasis and make it even easier to “get” your tweeted message.
  1. Use animated GIFs to grab attention from even the most distracted follower.
  1. Use #hashtags to categorize your tweets. That way, anyone searching for that topic can find your tweet and potentially become a new follower.
  1. hash-tag-twitterUse @Someone’sName in your post if you want a specific person to see your message. Or include a photo and @mention as many as 10 people in that photo.
  1. And speaking of images, photos and graphics always generate more interest and shares, and they let you “say” more without exceeding 140 characters. Jazz up your images with appealing colors, a headline, icons or symbols. Brand images with your dealership logo and website URL.
  1. Combine the value of personal mentions and images by tweeting someone’s picture. Images of people are irresistible. (Don’t forget the @mention tag, too!)
  1. 10 Tips To Effectively Manage Your Dealership Social Media Accounts-02Every now and then, tweet your own picture (or someone or something else relevant at your dealership). As with all social media, you want to go light on the direct promotion with your dealership twitter account, but personalizing your dealership is a big trust builder. Make it fun, with selfies and candid shots.
  1. Use the Twitter “add poll” feature to post a 1-question survey. It’s a great way to engage followers, to learn more about their product, business challenges, and industry-related opinions.
  1. Or ask a question without the poll, to start a conversation with followers. Follow up with those who respond to you, and retweet some of the responses.
  1. Include a quote. It can be timely, funny, or from someone famous, but it should be relevant to your dealership and industry. If it’s too long, make it into an image and share it that way.
  1. Live Streaming Video Is All The Rage - Engage Your Heavy Equipment Customers In Real Time-02Appeal to your followers’ emotions. Of course there’s an emotional side to trucking and industries that depend on heavy equipment! Tweets that really move people (so to speak), are more likely to be shared. You can even assess the emotional creds of a potential post before you tweet, with Advanced Marketing Institute’s headline analyzer.
  1. Make tweets more moving with video, too. Use the Twitter app to upload or record, edit and share videos.
  1. Add afterthoughts to add emphasis. Putting side comments in parentheses or brackets makes they stand out. You can also use this trick to highlight a link such as [ video ] or [ infographic ].
  1. Don’t just share a blog post with your followers. Give it your dealership’s brand and make it stand out by adding some meat to your tweet. Give it a ringing endorsement and tell why you’re sharing it. Or use a teaser quote from the post. Ask a question about the content – or challenge one of its assertions.
  1. Make your tweets stand out by making them even shorter than the 140-character max.
  1. Make Your Dealership Twitter Account Stand Out with These 19 Tips-02Go live with your dealership Twitter feed, by live streaming with Periscope, using a hashtag to link to your webinar, or hosting a live Twitter chat.
  1. Schedule your dealership twitter action for multiple times per day. Tweets are fleeting and easily missed. Repeat tweeting at different times of day boosts the odds your posts will get noticed.
  1. Say thanks when other Twitter users retweet or contribute to your content. It’s good manners and it will get noticed, and that could be the start of something big.

Now you’re all a-twitter, aren’t you? Excited but perhaps overwhelmed by the possibilities. You don’t have to do all these things at once. Start with a few of the really easy ones, and expand your repertoire as you go. The sooner the better, though – no point in wasting excellent tips to stand out and get noticed.


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