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Make Your Equipment Dealership More Visible and Profitable with Branding


Make Your Equipment Dealership More Visible and Profitable with Branding

Your equipment dealership’s “brand” can bring any number of things to mind. Your brand is really a complex composite of factors, many of which are intangible. And it’s a matter of perception. People associate your brand with certain expectations – the quality of the equipment you offer, the kind of customer service you deliver, their overall experience in dealing with you.

Everything your construction equipment dealership does as a business creates the impressions that establish and reinforce your brand. A strong, positive reputation can help you attract new customers and turn them into long-term loyalists. That enables you to make a profit and grow your dealership.

A unique visual signature

How Branding Your Truck Dealership Will Improve Your Bottom LineIf your dealership doesn’t have a logo, or the one you have was created as an after-thought, it’s time for an upgrade. Your logo is more than a graphic doo-dah, it is the most recognizable visual representation of your brand. The instant someone sees it, it speaks volumes about your dealership and your brand. Or it should. Is your logo telling the right story?

Creating a great logo is key for successful branding and marketing of your equipment dealership. It will cost you some money, but it is an investment in your business future. Once you have that great logo, you will want to use it everywhere:

  • Printed materials from letterhead and invoices to brochures and business cards
  • Website
  • Email signatures
  • Social media profiles
  • Signage
  • Dealership-owned service vehicles and rental equipment
  • Staff apparel
  • Promotional items

Through consistent, across-the-board presentation, your logo contributes to your dealership’s visibility.

The right tool for the job

logo designLogos that work accurately reflect your type of business as well as your dealership’s personality. The strongest logos give viewers an inkling about who you are and what you do even if they aren’t already familiar with your dealership. Your logo also has to look very different from your competition’s logos, so it sets you apart.

You can accomplish that with proper choice of colors, fonts, etc. As an obvious example, an equipment dealership logo designed in pastels with filigreed lettering would be entirely incongruous with your product line. You need a bold logo that says “heavy duty machinery.” But it’s not as simple as that. Because your logo is so important for branding and marketing, it is essential to let your marketing experts handle the design. They know your dealership and they understand the psychology of color.

They will probably recommend that your logo incorporate your dealership’s name, to build and reinforce name familiarity. Nike doesn’t need to use their name with their renowned swoosh now, but they did initially. Your marketing team may also recommend adding a short slogan to your logo, to further clarify the type(s) of construction equipment you sell and/or rent, etc.

Weaving your logo into your marketing

Make-Your-Equipment-Dealership-More-Visible-and-Profitable-with-Branding-2As already noted, you want to use your logo everywhere. But it’s not only the logo itself. The colors you’ve chosen should provide the foundation and background for all your marketing materials, your website, your social media profiles, etc. Your showroom should reflect the same look. No matter where prospects or existing customers encounter your dealership, they should see a consistent, familiar presentation.

If your marketing strategy is lacking any of the elements mentioned here, you’ll want to address these deficiencies once your new logo ready to go. Today’s marketplace is more competitive than ever, and your equipment dealership cannot thrive without a well-thought-out, multi-channel marketing plan. Your website, blog, social media and email campaigns work together to promote your brand as well as the specific products and services you offer.

Backing up your brand’s promise

Your brand sets certain expectations in each person’s mind. You must meet or exceed those expectations with every contact, to maintain a sterling reputation. Beyond marketing that attracts interest and helps you engage and convert leads, there are things you can do to reinforce your brand and give each customer a superior experience.

Make sure in-person contact with sales, service, parts and admin staff are friendly and helpful. Offer a meaningful loyalty rewards program, and insurance products such as extended warranties. These things feed your customer’s bottom line as well as yours.




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