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Marketing Automation & How It Can Help You Sell More Inventory


Marketing Automation & How It Can Help You Sell More Inventory

What comes to mind when you think of marketing automation? A little assembly line where cookie-cutter marketing messages are conveyed to your prospects via some electronic means? Nothing could be further from the truth. Marketing automation is technology that enables you to segment your leads and personalize marketing communications.

It works in tandem with your CRM software and your website analytics to help you deliver more relevant, timely content to prospects based on what you know about them and their interests. You can create more powerful marketing, and you can gain more powerful insight into your prospects. That helps you sell more inventory.


lead_quality_scoringScoring leads assigns a quantifiable value – say from 1-100 – to each prospects. It’s their “likely to buy” quotient that helps your sales reps distinguish hot leads from tire-kickers and mid-funnel folks who aren’t yet ready to buy. You can score based on personal traits such as position within their company as well as online behavior – what website pages they visit, what they download, social media engagement, etc.

Delving into your website analytics helps identify key scoring parameters, because you can track which behaviors most often lead to purchasing.

Personalizing communications.

communication-thought-bubble2[1]Marketing automation really shines when it helps you deliver content specifically targeted to each prospect. This is where the automation part kicks in, because your system will – automatically – send an email or other communications that reflect your prospect’s latest action. If they showed interest in sleeper cabs or a particular type of construction equipment, you can hone in on that.

Marketing automation works with new website visitors as well as leads you’ve already “met” and scored. You can sell more inventory because you’re engaging each person in an individualized way. People recognize that, and they appreciate it. You’re not just sending them random stuff that seems like spam, you’re providing them with information they want and need.

You’re drawing them further into your sales funnel. At the same time you’re proving your value as a resource, and you’re reinforcing your trustworthiness.

It’s not the set-and-forget type of automation.

Marketing automation only works – successfully, at least – if you work it strategically. The technology isn’t clairvoyant, so you have to monitor it to be sure you really are sending appropriate communications and not overdoing it. Automation is a tool, and you have to understand it well enough to know when to use it as well as how to use it.


CRM20startegy[1]Marketing automation is a versatile tool that allows you to serve — as in market to – far more people simultaneously than your sales team could ever work with one-on-one. That helps build and maintain a steady flow of highly qualified leads in your pipeline.

Marketing automation can also help you streamline and measure your marketing tasks and workflow. You can augment your website’s performance, amplify and hone the value of all your content, improve your marketing program’s efficiency and achieve better results, faster.Automation helps you manage lead generation, segmentation, lead scoring and lead nurturing. Use it to focus your relationship marketing, to enhance cross-selling and up-selling, to strengthen customer loyalty, to analyze your results and ROI. Use it with email, landing pages, contact forms, special promotions, social media – your entire gamut of marketing channels.

Content is only good if your prospects and customers think it is. The ability to better match content with recipients can exponentially increase your odds of retaining their interest and closing sales. And that’s how marketing automation helps you sell more inventory.