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Marketing that Work for Heavy Equipment Leasing Companies


Marketing that Works for Heavy Equipment Leasing Companies

Heavy Equipment Leasing Companies, We Know what Works for You

Marketing that works today attracts high quality leads directly to you. That’s why it’s called inbound marketing. It’s essentially the opposite of traditional advertising, where you create ads and brochures – outbound messages — and hope your intended audience sees them and then takes the initiative to follow up.

These days, people are searching online for everything – including heavy equipment leasing companies that might be a good fit for their business, whether they’re a manufacturer or an end-user. They want information, answers to their questions, indications your company will be a good financial partner. They want to establish a trust relationship with you before they establish a formal working relationship.

Marketing that works builds trust.

When your marketing provides the information and answers your audience wants, they’ll keep coming back to you. You’re becoming a resource, providing something of value. You’re engaging with them in ways that draw them farther into your sales funnel.

Marketing that works brands your company.

It introduces your firm to new prospects and reinforces your name familiarity and image with those who’ve already heard of you or have done business with you in the past. You’re building reputation and credibility and giving your company a “persona.” That’s important because people do business with people.

They’ll have more confidence in you if they can relate to you.

Marketing that works reaches people where they are.

Inbound marketing techniques allow you to deliver information – your marketing messages — in lots of different ways, making it easy for people to find no matter where or when they’re looking. It’s not intrusive like traditional advertising, because searchers choose to click on your link.

This multi-faceted approach allows you to incorporate photos, graphics and video as well as the written word, collectively referred to as “content.” You can pass along your content via:


  • Marketing that Works for Heavy Equipment Leasing CompaniesYour website.
  • Blog articles.
  • Webinars.
  • Downloadable in-depth whitepapers or even an e-book on the ins and outs of heavy equipment financing.
  • E-newsletters.
  • Special promotions or rewards programs.
  • Social media conversations with individuals or groups on LinkedIn, Google+ or numerous other valuable sites.

You can create and deliver different content to reach different target audiences. Your marketing consultant can help you determine exactly what mix is right for you and help you develop content designed to achieve your strategic goals.

Marketing that works is flexible and scalable.

Nobody’s business is exactly the same, day in and day out. Not yours, and not your leasing partners or customers. With inbound marketing, you can easily match fluctuating seasonal, promotional or budgetary needs.

Inbound marketing actually works.

You can prove that to yourself, because it’s easy to continuously track your marketing efforts. Detailed analytics let you compare results against your specific benchmarks. You can quickly modify your message, delivery format, even the graphics you’re using to do more of what’s working best. And you can just as quickly drop anything that isn’t performing.

Traditional advertising can’t do that.

Heavy equipment leasing is a competitive marketplace, especially now that the economy is finally picking up and more construction and housing projects are getting underway. Your prospective audiences – both OEMs and individual customers – have a choice.

Marketing that works can help establish your heavy equipment leasing company as a preferred, go-to financing resource.

Heavy Equipment Leasing Companies, We Know what Works for You

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