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New .com for the Construction Industry: Introducing .Build

New com for the Construction Industry Introducing Build-01

New .com for the Construction Industry: Introducing .Build

The nation’s construction industry is officially going digital, with its own generic top level domain, or gTLD. What does that mean? A TLD is really nothing more than the highest-level domain name – the suffix of your company’s web address. The industry’s new gTLD designation will be .build. And while this may seem like a simple addition to the domain marketplace, it’s actually a step forward that can bring tremendous benefits for your construction equipment dealership.

Dot_BuildMoving beyond .com

In the early days of the internet, everyone wanted a .com website address. Anything other than that was considered second rate. But .com domains were snatched up quickly by companies who saw the bright future of digital marketing. So you may have learned the hard way that “good” web addresses with a .com suffix are nearly impossible to come by any more.

Dot_Build_2That means you may have been stuck with a top level domain like .biz or .info or something else that just looks un-businesslike. Or you’ve been forced to create an unwieldy web address that is looks contrived and confusing rather than being easily memorable. No marketing benefits there.

But now, adopting a strategically smart generic top level domain is a mark of distinction. Thanks to the innovative thinking of a company called – you might have guessed — .Build, construction companies will soon be able to join the ranks of those with interesting domain names that are easy to understand and remember.

The company has secured valuable support from the Associated General Contractors to help spread the word about this remarkable new business opportunity.

digital marketing services loyalty boundKeep the old, add the new

You won’t lose old web friends or have to make any sudden changes to your marketing collateral or business contact information. You current web address can simply be redirected behind the scenes to your new .build domain. Seamless. Customer-friendly.

You’ll keep those old friends and gain new ones. And you can change over those marketing materials as you have time, using the changes themselves as marketing opportunities.

Boost your marketing with .build

There’s no denying the critical importance of your dealership’s website, to attract interest and engage potential and existing customers. You cannot build your business without an up-to-date, dynamic website and other digital marketing tools. The new .build domain opportunity is likely to prove a valuable new tool.

Search engines love fresh content, you know that. So freshening your website with a new domain name can improve your SEO. That could make it easier for people to find you online, and that freshness can ripple throughout your marketing. A new name gives you a new content topic for your blog articles, social media posts, e-newsletter and press releases.

dot_build_3You can get in on the .build ground floor, demonstrating leadership in the industry and as a savvy marketer. Early adopters are always known as innovators, whether that’s based on the marketing techniques you use or incorporating the latest technologies like smartphones and on board equipment diagnostics to manage your construction business more productively. Being seen as an innovator sets you apart from other dealerships, and it builds your credibility.

The new generic top level domain names won’t be formally assigned until later this year, but it’s not too early to pre-register, so you can secure exactly the name you want. Talk to your marketing experts soon about how you can take advantage of this new opportunity to build your dealership’s online presence, build your business reputation and support the construction industry as a whole.


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