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Not Sure About Twitter? Find Out How Tweeting Can Help Your Dealership

Not Sure About Twitter Find Out How Tweeting Can Help Your Dealership-01

Not Sure About Twitter? Find Out How Tweeting Can Help Your Dealership

So you weren’t exactly an early adopter of Twitter, and now you think it’s too late because “everyone else” is already on that bandwagon. Or maybe you think Twitter has no relevance for your dealership, so why even bother? Wrong, on both counts. Because it’s unlike other social media platforms, tweeting can add real value to enhance your dealership’s marketing.

hash-tag-twitterTwitter is just as useful for those who work in trucking or construction as it is for consumer-based businesses, movie stars and your kids. It gives you another avenue to spread the word about dealership and boost your reputation as a thought leader in your industry. Here’s how:

Share your industry knowledge.

When people see you as a smart, reliable source of interesting and relevant information, you become a “thought leader” – a go-to resource. You’re building your personal reputation and your dealership’s, simultaneously. You can’t do that, though, if you don’t share your thoughts and pass along particularly valuable information by sharing links or retweeting. When you retweet something, add your own quick thought first.

As you round out your Twitter profile by sharing useful information and insights or commenting on the latest industry news and trends, you’re creating yet one more way for people to learn about you online – and see that you’re a credible, involved resource. Whether you’re the dealership owner or a sales person, this can help generate more leads and sales.

twitter_promotePeople are also likely to check out your Twitter profile for other business-related reasons:

  • When you’re tapped to speak at an upcoming seminar or conference.
  • When you’re asked to write a guest blog article.
  • When you’re about to be interviewed for an industry publication or by a local reporter for an industry-relevant story.
  • When you begin the engagement process with web-generated prospects.

Side note: all these activities can substantially broaden your dealership’s name recognition as well as boost your authority. Let it be known that you’re available to speak, write and be interviewed!

shaking hands, warranty partnership, marketing expertsMake connections.

“Meeting” and networking with your industry’s most influential people via Twitter helps you learn from the best. It opens doors. Twitter provides an opportunity to connect that you may never have found elsewhere. You can follow those you’re interesting in and tweet them a thoughtful comment or ask them a question to get their attention.

Use your influence.

As you gain a following on Twitter, you can use the platform to support industry-related issues or programs you find especially meaningful. For instance, you could help promote the trucking industry’s “Hardhats for Highways” project.

PEER Strategy | Engage | Loyalty BoundEasily engage your audience through “crowdsourcing.”

You know people love to be asked their opinion, and getting your target audience involved in helping expand or improve your dealership is one of the deepest ways to show you care about them while keeping your name top of mind. You can conduct a quick survey, ask people to suggest blog article topics, even hold a contest. The larger your following, the more responses you’re likely to get, of course. You need “critical mass,” but bear in mind that the quality of your followers is more valuable than pure numbers. Your goal should be to attract people who are thought-leaders in your industry, colleagues and prospects.

Instant updates.

Tweeting is an excellent way to get breaking news out to people. You just landed a new trucking firm or big construction firm as a customer? Won an award? Added a great new person to your sales or service team? Tweet the news.

You have to start using Twitter in order to become comfortable with it. Once you get in the habit of tweeting, you’ll find even more ways to use it to benefit your dealership.


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