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How PEER Helps Dealerships Identify & Accomplish Your Marketing Goals

How PEER Helps Dealerships Identify & Accomplish Your Marketing Goals

As with other aspects of your business, you have to have clear marketing goals in order to know if you’re growing, and in the direction you want. As long as sales are on the rise, it looks like your dealership is successful. But are you growing strategically? Is that growth sustainable? What if sales could be even greater?



Clear marketing goals keep you on track. Like a road map, they ensure you’re not only progressing in the right direction but making strategic connections along the way – connections with prospects, that is. Understanding your key connection points enables you to identify your goals and plan the specific tactics you’ll use to achieve them.

Think PEER: Prepare, Evolve, Engage, Retain.



PEER Strategy | Prepare | Loyalty BoundThis is the first phase, where you identify those all-important goals. Like a valuable piece of equipment, the better your marketing plan is built, the better it will perform for you. PEER helps you create a comprehensive overview, then drill down to the develop the details.


Consider these fundamental marketing issues:

    • Think about the people who visit your website. What do they want to find there?
    • Beyond “increasing sales,” have you developed specific marketing initiatives? What are the top two or three? What marketing tactics are you using to address each of those top initiatives?
    • How do your marketing and sales people coordinate their efforts? If you’re not all working together, your inbound techniques – or even your marketing goals themselves – may be off-target.

Use the tried-and-true SMART steps to perform a quality check on your marketing goals. You’ve done this before, so you know it works. Your goals need to be:

    • Specific

    • Measurable

    • Attainable

    • Realistic

    • Time-sensitive

The thing about goals is that they give you something to measure against, but they also give you something to strive for. So realistic is good, but “stretch” goals cause you to work a little harder. And when you reach them, you can celebrate all the more.

Of course the Prepare phase is just the beginning.


PEER Strategy | Evolve | Loyalty BoundClearly defined goals enable you to create well-targeted, appealing online content to attract interest, establish relationships with prospects, enhance your dealership’s reputation and ultimately close sales.

Your prospects represent different types of shoppers and a range of interests, from early-stage searchers looking for information about your equipment, OEMs, or even your dealership itself to those who have reached the we-need-to-buy-this-equipment-soon stage. Evolving your relationship with each prospect requires customizing your content.


PEER Strategy | Engage | Loyalty BoundAs leads edge closer to that gotta-buy-now stage, you’ll want to convert electronic conversation into in-personal conversation, by connecting them with your sales team. Achieving your marketing goals requires knowing when it’s time for that personal call.



PEER Strategy | Retain | Loyalty BoundThis PEER phase is your ultimate reward. You know your marketing is on a roll when repeat sales are up. Loyal customers are the best kind – they wouldn’t think of buying from some other dealership, and they’re happy to tell their friends and social media connections about you.

Reaching your marketing goals is an ongoing process, because you’re constantly feeding your sales funnel. The analytical tools associated with inbound marketing give you amazing insight to improve your sales and marketing efforts, and improve your dealership, too. You can respond directly to customer demand by augmenting your product line, your service or other details.

The PEER analysis process gives you a holistic view of your sales and marketing, making sure all your inbound efforts are well-directed, coordinated and working together successfully for you. You’re spending your marketing dollars wisely. Productively. Profitably.

So what are your marketing goals?