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How a PEER Website Analysis Will Help You Sell More Construction Equipment

How a PEER Website Analysis Will Help You Sell More Construction Equipment

How a PEER Website Analysis Will Help You Sell More Construction Equipment

PEER stands for Prepare, Evolve, Engage, Retain. It’s an easy acronym to remember, because as a construction equipment dealer you’re essentially marketing to your peers.

You’re an expert in the field. You know your products, but you also know how they work on the job. You’ve probably been there. You know what your customers need to keep their businesses running smoothly, and what it takes to complete jobs on time and on budget, so your customers can build their reputation and make a profit. You’re a vital working partner for your customers.

A PEER website analysis ensures your marketing drives home that point.

You will sell more construction equipment by taking a step-by-step approach to online marketing. That assures continuity. More importantly, it guarantees you’re speaking to prospects at every buying stage.

You’ll attract and retain interest only if you meet potential customers where they are within your sales funnel. It’s like a bus route – you have to pick people up where they’re waiting to get on your bus. If your bus doesn’t serve that stop, you’ve passed them by and they’ll take someone else’s bus.

Well-targeted digital marketing – your content strategy – makes it easy for people to join you wherever they are, whether they’re just beginning their shopping journey or they’re almost at the end. A PEER analysis ensures your Number One online marketing tool – your website —  is revved up and ready to roll.

PEER Strategy | Prepare | Loyalty Bound

The direction you’re headed depends on your long-term goals as well as short-term objectives. When you know where you’re going, you can get there efficiently and cost-effectively. A PEER analysis compares your website to your marketing map – are they properly aligned? If not, you’ll be wandering lost. Your prospects will never find you.

A PEER analysis checks first to be sure your marketing plan is thorough and well-thought-out, with clearly defined goals and strategically developed content ideas. That your website is perfectly aligned, to support all your marketing efficiently and effectively.


PEER Strategy | Evolve | Loyalty BoundDo you have the right “tools of engagement” to attract prospects and keep existing customers in the loop? Your website is the centerpiece, like the hub of a wheel. It supports each of the “spokes” linked to it – your other marketing tools.

Keyword research and other SEO tactics ensure your website is easily found. Nothing’s more important, because online searchers hardly ever look past the first page of results. Keywords change, as do search engine algorithms, so this is an ongoing process. A PEER analysis will help keep your marketing headed in the right direction.

PEER Strategy | Engage | Loyalty BoundIt will also show whether you’re weaving those same keywords into blog articles as well as website content. How well you’re linking between the two. It will examine your overall blog strategy for targeting and content opportunities. And it will reveal whether you’re profiled on the most important social media sites and if you’re participating in the most advantageous ways to build trust and authority as well as make friends.


Having the right tools in place is just the beginning. A PEER analysis ensures you’re using those tools most strategically, to engage prospects and existing customers in ways that guide them farther into your sales funnel. That convert them to customers.

Calls to action, contact forms and landing pages are all critical engagement steps. Your PEER analysis will help you refine them.


PEER Strategy | Retain | Loyalty BoundSelling construction equipment and after-market services is a continuous loop. Done right, you’ll attract life-long customers that are so loyal they help promote your dealership. A PEER analysis will ensure you’re using the right client management software, to streamline your content marketing and individualize lead nurturing. And that you have an effectively tailored rewards program in place to strengthen loyalty.

You’ll be tuned-up and fueled-up. On the road to dealership growth.


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