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How A PEER Website Analysis Will Help You Sell More Trucks

How A PEER Website Analysis Will Help You Sell More Trucks

How A PEER Website Analysis Will Help You Sell More TrucksPrepare. Evolve. Engage. Retain.

If your digital marketing is doing all four of these things – if your efforts are strategically targeted and properly delivered – you will sell more trucks. Your dealership will grow. You’ll be more profitable.

Recently we talked in a blog article about the value of a PEER website analysis for construction equipment dealerships. Maybe you skipped that, thinking “that’s not for me, I sell trucks.” Don’t be fooled – PEER analysis can help you in the same essential ways.

The purpose of any analysis is two-fold – to identify any gaps that should be filled and to identify new opportunities you can capture. A PEER website analysis double-checks each of your key digital marketing components to ensure they’re performing for you, efficiently and cost-effectively.


What Digital Marketing Means To Your Truck DealershipRegular review is critical in today’s dynamic marketplace.

Your website isn’t a build-it-and-forget-it tool. It’s a living organism, growing and evolving as your dealership grows and as the marketplace changes. A website that isn’t fresh and relevant will languish, and your business will, too.

PEER analysis focuses on your website because that’s the foundation of your digital marketing – the all-important chassis that supports every other part of your marketing vehicle. So conducting a PEER website analysis is similar to performing a detailed truck inspection.

It looks at everything from how well your marketing plan supports overall business goals and short-term objectives to how well specific online tactics support your in-person sales team. It looks at your blog, social media, email campaigns and other lead nurturing activities.



And it examines your loyalty rewards program, because a customer-for-life is the best customer. Repeat customers not only keep buying from you, they’ll actively promote your dealership to their buddies, too.It ensures you’re taking full advantage of the content marketing system you’ve adopted to streamline and coordinate your efforts as well as create and disseminate content in the most effective ways.

PEER analysis assures you’re attracting and engaging the highest-quality prospects.

You need to connect with early-stage tire-kickers as well as people at more advanced stages in their buying decision process. Not only truck buyers, but truck owners looking for parts and service, whether they bought their truck from you or not.  

Content Management Systems and How They Can Help Grow Your DealershipLike the key components of a truck, each of your marketing techniques performs a specific job. Together, they produce a versatile, top-functioning machine, one that enables you to create and deliver just-right content your prospects and customers are looking for, in the right places and in the right formats.

PEER analysis is a multi-point inspection – a checklist to ensure you’ve selected the right tactics and are using them to best advantage. It tells you whether your marketing strategy has the right underpinnings and the right accoutrements to reach each of your target audiences with the right content, at the right time, to attract and retain their interest in your dealership, products and services.

When was the last time you gave your website and marketing plan a top-to-bottom inspection? A PEER analysis could be your ticket to increased truck sales. 


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