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Posting Shareable Content on Social Media Will Make Your Business More Successful


Posting Shareable Content on Social Media Will Make Your Business More Successful

By now you know that using social media to market your dealership can have real value. You can communicate with your fans and followers when and where they’re online. You can extend your reach when they share your posts with their networks. But did you know that posting shareable content can help boost your SEO, too?

money_making_ideas_flat_Icon-02Google demonstrates value for its users by displaying the most “valuable” content first in search results. We all know that the algorithms used to determine value are somewhat mysterious, but there are certain elements of your content that makes it more attractive as an SEO-booster. These social signals include:

  • How many times the content has been viewed
  • Visitor bounce rates for that page
  • How many backlinks the content has
  • Shares on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and so on

Your marketing strategy must focus on producing content that entices sharing.

Snag their attention with an irresistible title.

No “grab,” no open. You simply must give readers a compelling reason to read on. Your headline says it all, so craft it carefully.

Give ‘em the visuals they crave.

We’ve long known that a pictures are more powerful than words. They convey more in less time. It takes just a split second to “get” the gist of your visuals, so people can tell instantly if they want to look further to absorb main point(s). Give your visuals movement, and your audience won’t be able to look away. Studies now show video has even more power than static visuals when it comes to “opens” and sharing.

Make it a snack.

Everyone’s busy and social media aficionados are flighty. They’re probably multi-tasking. So content that is short and sweet is much more appealing – a bulleted list of tips, 1-2-3 how-to steps and infographics that tell a story or recap a series of stats.

Of course you have longer content you want to share with your social networks – you can do that with a quick teaser post and a link to your blog article, whitepaper, etc. Or you can break your longer content into bite-size installments and post them as a series. Anticipation is a great way to build engagement.

Make it worthwhile.

If your content isn’t directly relevant to your audience, they will ignore it. Creating content specifically for different segments of your audience automatically boosts its value. And that boosts likelihood your post will be “consumed” and shared. Bear in mind this is true for all your content marketing, not just social media.

For example, a blog article directed at sales managers/teams might focus on trending marketing techniques (similar to the content of this article). A blog post aimed at service managers might focus on new products/tools for the service shop or maintenance tips for today’s high-tech truck and equipment engines. An article reflecting on overall industry news or trends would probably be valuable for both target segments.

Lighten up.

Posting Shareable Content on Social Media Will Make Your Business More SuccessfulEminently shareable content also comes in the form of posts that are fun or surprising in some way. We know you’re serious about your business, but your trucking and construction customers work hard and face tough decisions every day. They’ll appreciate content that gives them a quick interlude to smile or laugh.

As with everything in marketing, hit-or-miss efforts bring only random results. You need a strong, well-crafted strategy. Realistically, though, it’s no easy task to be a marketing expert these days. Who has time to keep up with the ever-changing world of social media, let alone the larger environment of inbound marketing? You have a dealership to run. This is why you need a dedicated marketing partner that has your back.

Here at ADI Agency, we get it. We know trucking and construction from the inside, and we know marketing from all sides. We know what works for dealerships like yours and what is off-point. Or off-target. Our team can help you pull it all together – including producing content that is eminently shareable. You’ll be able to reach out more effectively to prospects. And you’ll have more time to devote to strengthening personal relationships with current customers. That’s what paves the road to business success.


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