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Give Your Equipment Sales Team Super Powers With These 10 Steps

Give Your Equipment Sales Team Super Powers With These 10 Steps-01

Give Your Equipment Sales Team Super Powers With These 10 Steps

As a construction equipment dealership, your business goal is to sell (or rent) more machines. You want to sell more after-market services and products, too. Considering these are your top priorities, are you giving your equipment sales team the “super powers” they need to leap over the competition?

6 Proven Ways To Create New Sales On An Equipment or Truck Dealership Blog-02Sure, you have a great sales team. But it’s up to you to help them do their best work. You can turbo-boost your dealership’s sales process by providing focused goals, sales tools and support. Are you and your equipment sales team taking all 10 of these steps to ensure success?

1. Focus on meeting new people.

Feeding your sales pipeline is as important as nurturing existing prospects. Making new contacts and building relationships requires close collaboration between your sales and marketing teams. It also requires alignment of your online and offline networking efforts.

2. Segment your customer list for better targeting.

Obvious categories would be current customers, potential customers and any specific new targets or markets you want to approach to expand your business. Within each segment, think about who makes final buying decisions as well as who influences those decisions. Influencers are critical to sales success.

Give Your Equipment Sales Team Super Powers With These 10 Steps-023. Make the most of existing customers.

Every business owner knows that it’s cheaper to generate repeat sales than land new ones. Is your equipment sales team spending enough strengthening relationships with existing customers and finding ways to upsell them? At some point, these customers will need to purchase more machines, but in the meantime, you want to sell them parts, service, rentals, extended warranties, etc.

4. Build lasting relationships.

Long-term loyalty from existing customers is the lifeblood of your construction equipment dealership. Experts suggest focusing on your top customers, but don’t forget that smaller customers can grow into big-dollar assets for your dealership, too. Are you doing everything you can to be a go-to resource for prospects and customers, so they always think of you first?

5. Establish a referral program.

Surely your dealership already has a loyalty rewards program. (If not, ask about ADI’s Loyalty Bound program. It’s designed specifically for construction equipment dealerships, so it’s easy to implement and tailor to your customers.) Rewards for purchasing are certainly valuable for your customers, but reward them for referrals, too. Loyal fans can be your best advocates, helping you expand your marketing reach and generate new leads. Consider tiered rewards – a simple thank-you note for every referral, something more substantial when that referral converts to a sale.

iMac_website6. Make sure your website is up-to-date.

These days, no sales team can do their best work without the backup of a top-quality, professionally designed website. It has to promote the products and services you offer, but also the dealership itself. That requires clear, consistent branding.

Beyond product information, your website must serve as a resource center for prospects and customers, with information and tips that help solve their business challenges. It has to personalize your operation, with photos and bios of your sales team and other key personnel. And don’t forget to show customer testimonials and photos or short videos of them using the equipment they purchased from you.

7. Coordinate your “elevator pitch.”

Every sales person can describe your dealership and its unique selling proposition in about 20-seconds. Is everyone on your team making the same key point? Consistent messaging boosts your branding.

20101112-exec-suite-sales-team8. Get out among ‘em.

Networking at business and industry events is a necessity. But selling your dealership starts in your community. Volunteer your time or talents – encourage your entire staff to get involved, to spread the fun as well as your visibility.

9. Be savvy about giveaways.

From logo’d merchandise to costly tickets to the Big Game, think carefully about which customers you’re thanking, and why. You may find that a few higher-ticket rewards bring greater benefits. Or you may get more mileage from hosting a summer’s-end BBQ party for a larger group.

10. Don’t neglect social media.

Like your website, social platforms are the backbone of your digital marketing. Talk to your marketing experts about the best ways for sales team members to engage – professionally — with prospects and customers.

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