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Secret Weapons for Construction Equipment Marketing : YouTube

Secret Weapons for Construction Equipment Marketing : YouTube

Secret Weapons for Construction Equipment Marketing : YouTube

Depending on your experience level with YouTube it may bring to mind images of cat videos and people recording themselves doing strange dances. The video platform has much more than that to offer.  As a Construction Equipment dealer or OEM your purpose is to market your products and somehow stand out from other product lines, and ultimately be chosen by consumers.  What better way to advertise your inventory than to show it in action!

Recording videos may sound overwhelming, but in our industry it doesn’t have to be award winning work.  Once you put the time into recording a video and upload it to YouTube, it is there forever, just waiting to be found.  Ready to get started?  Here are some things to remember in order to get the most out of your online video postings:  

Create A Great Title

Get video surfers’ attention with a title that is enticing.  Use a short, but concise title to let them know what the video is about, with a twist to get them interested in watching it!  Get the most out of your video’s title by including relevant, researched keywords to optimize your video’s searchability.

Make it Valuable

online-video-money-600x369Keep your audience in mind when brainstorming video ideas.  Demonstrations of the newest model of excavators from one of your manufacturers will peak interest of people with interest in that line, promoting your dealership as up with the newest and the best.  How-to’s are very popular these days, especially with people trying to be resourceful in this economy.  Give away a few free tips to gain that viewer’s trust and maybe they will think of you next time they have service needs that they can’t do themselves.

Include Your Website URL

Make a little more effort to optimize your video with editing.  That may sound intimidating, but something as simple as adding a text box will allow you to include your website url and help drive traffic to your site.  This is another great place to include a CTA; “Download this How-To eBook free at…” or “Follow us on Facebook for more tips, url

How Branding Your Truck Dealership Will Improve Your Bottom LineUse Your Branding

Take your editing skills to the next level and add your company’s logo to your videos.  Either displayed the whole time, or at key points of the video, utilize this branding opportunity to drive home who you are coupled with what you have to offer.

Utilize Every Tool

YouTube gives you the option of including a short description with your video.  Make sure to include a link here, and be specific if it’s appropriate– lead them to a page related to the video.  Use those keywords that you are trying to rank for so that your company not only comes up in web searches for your site, but for videos too.


Having an online video presence through YouTube and other video sites can do a world of good for your business.  YouTube is another facet of the social media world. Make sure not to miss out on a whole other realm of potential customers by opting out of YouTube.If the idea of shooting and editing videos seems like too much work, think of it this way.  This videos will not only be hosted on YouTube, they can be used anywhere!  Use the embed codes that they provide to display your videos on your website in related areas and blogs, and use YouTube’s share tool to post these videos on your Facebook or Twitter!

Secret Weapons for Construction Equipment Marketing : YouTube

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