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SEO: A Crucial Part of Your Dealership’s Sales And Marketing Strategy

SEO A Crucial Part of Your Dealership's Sales And Marketing Strategy-01

SEO: A Crucial Part of Your Dealership’s Sales And Marketing Strategy

Just because Google has taken a new attitude toward keywords doesn’t mean SEO has fallen off your sales and marketing to-do list. People are still searching – using search engines including, but not limited to, Google. And you still need to catch their attention. That’s what SEO stands for – search engine optimization. Keywords are only one element.

SEOSo keywords aside, are you making the most of every SEO opportunity? Let’s review.

Blog Titles

You’re so focused on content, have you given your titles short shirt? They perform two critical roles: they attract interest from searchers, and they tell people what’s “inside the package” of your blog article – what’s in it for them. So catchy is good, but your title has to be on-point, too. That’s why titles like “7 tips for lowering maintenance costs” work so well. Readers know they’re going to get practical help with whatever they’re searching for. You’d better deliver.

Meta descriptions

ADI_Google_Meta_DescriptionThis is your blog title’s back-up – the sentence or so that tells searchers a little more about your content, so they know you’re offering what they want. If your description is missing or isn’t juicy enough, they’ll keep looking. Elsewhere.

Content that Matters

Are you using your sales and marketing content – your blog, social media posts, emails – to address the things your prospects and customers care about the most? It’s important to be informative, to establish trust and authority. And it’s important to be fun sometimes, to show your personal side. But you can’t ignore the topics that get to the heart of the matter for potential buyers.

Addressing problems head on – explaining how customers can fix things themselves or how your dealership is fixing something for them, shows honesty and integrity. And sometimes prospects have fear of problems that don’t actually exist. Allaying those fears gives them confidence to buy and confidence in you.

Content_That_MattersAddressing simple issues such as product comparisons and costs is just plain useful. Of course you want to make personal contact at some point, but being coy about doling out information only makes you look shifty. Using customer reviews and stories about their experience with your dealership or products supports up the assertions you make. And providing relevant links to additional resources – articles from your archives or other respected industry sources – builds your reputation as well as your SEO.


As many times as we’ve all heard about the importance of promoting benefits rather than a list of features, are you sure you’re doing that? How does your dealership actually help customers solve problems? That’s the ultimate benefit, so give it some serious thought. These days, customers of even the most specialized, tough-duty trucks and construction equipment expect streamlined operation, fuel-sipping economy and snazzy electronics.

Increase_Website_TrafficSo what’s extra-special about your products or dealership? Does the equipment you sell carry a longer or more comprehensive warranty? Do you help customers with extended warranties or financing or provide spec’ing assistance or offer other value-added services? Do you offer 24/7 emergency service or right-to-the-jobsite parts delivery?

It’s nice that the cab now comes in trendy colors, but how will the latest options make your customer’s business more productive and profitable?

Make a list. Then be sure you’re specifically mentioning these “value points” in your content. That includes your headlines and your meta descriptions. Doing that will boost your sales and marketing SEO efforts, increasing traffic on the road to your website.


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