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Setting A Construction Equipment Rental Fleet Apart With Unique Branding Strategies

Setting A Construction Equipment Rental Fleet Apart With Unique Branding Strategies

Setting A Construction Equipment Rental Fleet Apart With Unique Branding Strategies

Presentation is one of your most important dealership branding strategies. The way your showroom and shop look, the way your staff looks – probably outfitted in matching shirts – the way your website and marketing materials look, your trade show booth – everything is coordinated to consistently represent your dealership’s visual brand.

But what about your construction equipment rental fleet?

your_dealerships_brand-300x300If you aren’t extending the benefits of visual brand reinforcement to the machines you send out to jobs every day, you’re missing out on a golden opportunity to put and keep your name in front of your most likely prospects. The general public, too, for that matter. Don’t forget that name recognition builds reputation. When people see your construction rental fleetand readily identify it as yours – they are more impressed with the size and “presence” of your dealership.

But how can you make this work?

Decals and stickers make it easy to brand your equipment.

You could go so far as to repaint your entire fleet, but that would cost a tremendous amount of money. And cool as it might look, it’s not necessary. Smartly-placed decals and stickers can accomplish the same branding goal, far more cost-effectively. At the very least, use them to display your name and logo on both sides of each rental machine. Now your fleet has a consistent look.

Here are some of the additional ways you can benefit:

  • Setting A Construction Equipment Rental Fleet Apart With Unique Branding Strategies-02With your name boldly emblazoned on the machine, it’s a less desirable target for thieves. And if equipment is stolen, it’s easier to identify. You can even add your phone number or other important information in smaller lettering on one of your stickers. (That also makes it easier for customers in the field to contact you without having to search for your number, should they need assistance or more equipment.)
  • Using stickers and decals makes machines obviously yours, but it’s still easy to identify them by their OEM-unique background colors when they’re on the job or on your yard. If you repainted all of them the same color, you might wind up wasting time locating specific pieces of equipment.
  • It’s relatively easy to remove decals or stickers when it comes time to sell a piece of equipment. The new owner can add their own, and take advantage of the same smart branding strategies.

What if your equipment branding back-fires?

construction equipment telematicsSome construction equipment rental fleet owners worry that doing anything to distinguish their machines makes the equipment more vulnerable on the job. The contractor customer might assign their best operators to their own equipment, leaving the least experienced to operate your rental. Or their people might handle your machine recklessly or not bother to maintain it religiously, since it’s obviously “just a rental.”

On the other hand, brand new rental equipment is often more technologically advanced, more comfortable and more convenient to operate than older customer-owned machines. Your customer may find their operators jockeying for position to climb into the cab of your equipment, so they can check out the latest and greatest. The truth is, everyone on the job probably knows your equipment is a rental, whether you put a tiny sticker on the dashboard or nice, bright name-and-logo decals on the sides where they show distinctive pride of ownership.

So why not go for it? Turn your construction equipment rental fleet into “brand ambassadors” for your dealership by using stickers and decals.


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Thanks for explaining some tips for a construction equipment rental fleet. It’s good to know that you should have your name emblazoned on the machine. I’m kind of interested to learn how this can be accomplished and how you can ensure it stays on.

This is some really good information about heavy equipment rentals. It is good to know that it would be smart to know that you can put some decals on some heavy lifting equipment. That does seem like a good thing to be aware of when you are considering adding a decal to construction equipment.

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