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Smartphones Are Increasing Interest In Apps and Video Among Construction Contractors. Are You Reaching Them?

Smartphones Are Increasing Interest In Apps and Video Among Construction Contractors. Are You Reaching Them

Smartphones Are Increasing Interest In Apps and Video Among Construction Contractors. Are You Reaching Them?

Construction contractors are mobile and they’re online with their smartphones and other mobile devices. Does your dealership’s marketing strategy acknowledge these facts? If you aren’t reaching out to prospects when and where they are, you may not be reaching them at all.

responsive designPerhaps you have believed the “conventional wisdom” about the construction industry that says contractors are behind the times when it comes to using technology. If so, consider these trends that compare 2014 to 2011:

  • Two-thirds of contractor respondents to Equipment World’s latest survey say they can go online via their smartphone. That’s 14% more than in 2011, and it’s barely lower than the percentage of general population users with internet-enabled smartphones.
  • A full 50% more respondents now say they use apps.
  • Almost 40% say they use tablets now, an increase of 28%.
  • Blackberry phones are out (no surprise), and iPhones are in (51%), along with Android phones (37%).
  • 27% more say they watch videos online.

You might write off these impressive figures as representing only younger contractors, but you’d be wrong there, too. More than half the respondents to the Equipment World survey were 55 or older. Just 36% were between 35 and 54.

construction-worker-with-laptop-300x199And there’s more. Nearly all – 95% — of construction contractors said they search online to find information about equipment. That’s up 9% from 2011. And what are they looking for? There has been a noticeable increase (13%) in the number of contractors looking for equipment reviews, including an 11% jump in those reading reviews posted on forums.

When it comes to social media, Facebook is far and away the front runner for contractors, though most admit they use it mostly to stay in touch with family and friends. But get this: whereas only 18% said in 2011 they used YouTube, that number has risen to 62%.

So what does this mean for your dealership marketing?

mobile_optimizeThere are some distinct takeaways within these statistics. Construction dealerships that take note and take advantage will be the ones that consistently perform better than the competition, when it comes to attracting new customers and improving customer retention.

Is your website optimized for mobile users? Responsive websites are a must-have now, for reasons that are obvious if you’ve ever tried to access a non-optimized website from your own smartphone or tablet. If your website is frustrating instead of easy to navigate and view, how long do you think prospects will keep trying to look at it?

Third-party reviews carry tremendous weight with all types of shoppers – obviously including those looking for to purchase or service construction equipment. Actively encourage your current customers to post reviews about your dealership online. Quote reviews and other testimonials in your marketing – on your website and in your emails. Tweet a quote.

Embracing Digital Marketing Within Your Dealership | communication | engageIf a review tells a particularly interesting or pertinent story about a customer and one of your products or services, think about using that as the basis of a blog article, case study or other content. Customer stories are one of the most effective ways to tell your dealership’s story.

YouTube isn’t just increasingly popular among construction contractors. It’s the second-most visited search site behind Google. If your dealership isn’t producing and posting short videos as part of your marketing strategy, you are essentially turning your back on a huge component of your audience. Videos allow you to present information in a far more visual way than mere text or static photos, and creating them doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive.

If you aren’t clear on how to squeeze the most marketing value from apps, video and other tech-based promotional channels, it’s time to call your marketing experts. They can help you update or augment your current strategy and tactics to ensure you’re reaching your construction prospects everywhere they’re looking online.

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