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BuildBoom | The New Social Media Network for the Construction Industry

BuildBoom The New Social Media Network for the Construction Industry-02

BuildBoom | The New Social Media Network for the Construction Industry

Have you heard about BuildBoom? It’s a new social media platform created specifically for those in the construction industry. It’s something like LinkedIn, Facebook and Pinterest, all rolled into one. This new online construction network might be the Next Big Thing for your dealership and your customers, when it comes to staying in touch and sharing information.

The platform enables you to connect and share with other construction professionals around the world. You can also create “communities” specific to a particular job or project. That facilitates group communication. You could create a community of your customers.

Why now?

What-Are-Facebook-Instant-Articles,-and-Why-Should-You-Care-articleSome say millennials entering various positions within the construction industry have spurred greater emphasis in using technology to do business, both on the job and with colleagues elsewhere. But the truth is, anyone in construction knows that technology is a driving force at every level. That includes marketing and communications.

Up till now, the “usual suspects” among social sharing sites had value, but it was diluted by their universal availability. Sure, you can post information or photos about equipment trends and tips or pose questions, etc., on Facebook or Twitter. But most of the users on these platforms aren’t following construction topics. It’s tough to reach those who share your passion for construction. And that’s your best audience. BuildBoom narrows the field to your top targets – other industry professionals.

How it works

Mobile-Marketing-Can-No-Longer-Be-Ignored-Time-to-Integrate-it-Into-Your-Dealership-Marketing-Strategy-2To get started, users can create a public profile that shows your work history plus past and current projects. That gives others the big picture of who you are. You can also create company pages for your dealership, pin customer projects (or where your rentals are working) on a map, highlight your key team members’ specialties or capabilities. All that builds awareness and personalizes your dealership, and each of your folks can get in on the conversation.

You can make special announcements or alerts to your customers (or a specific segment). Ask them questions, or conduct a short survey. Post links to your newest blog or other marketing content. You can meet new people (think prospects) and retain relationships with customers and other contacts who have moved to new positions or projects.

Who’s behind BuildBoom?

The new social platform is the brain child of James Faulkner and Doug Scott, both construction industry entrepreneurs in the Vancouver, BC area.

BuildBoom The New Social Media Network for the Construction Industry-02Faulkner’s company — SiteMAX Systems, Inc. — designs cloud software aimed at helping industrial, civil, commercial and residential construction companies simplify data input and boost communication. The company uses a unique blend of user applications knowledge and 40 years of on-site experience to create innovative applications. Scott’s company, Wales McLelland Construction, exemplifies accountability and transparency in the construction industry.

SiteMAX is the parent company of BuildBoom. James Faulkner notes that relationships are crucial in construction. Yet all too often, people lose touch with one another the minute a project comes to an end and everyone disperses. Faulkner and Scott hope their new platform will encourage relationship-building instead.

You can get in on the ground floor.

Announced just last fall, BuildBoom is still in its initial beta phase. So you can be a part of the final development process and get started right away creating your own dealership profile and following on the site. It couldn’t be easier. Just go to and enter your email address. Why not do it right now? You have nothing to lose, and it could be the start of a new marketing boom for your dealership.


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