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Take Your Equipment Dealership Blog To The Next Level With These 9 Tips

Take Your Equipment Dealership Blog To The Next Level With These 9 Tips-01


Take Your Equipment Dealership Blog To The Next Level With These 9 Tips

Your equipment dealership blog is up and running. You’re publishing articles on a regular basis. Your blog is attracting readers, and that means additional traffic for your website. Just what you want. But how can you take your blog to the next level?

Small improvements can make a big difference in your equipment dealership blog’s performance as a marketing tool. Here are nine tips that will help you optimize your headlines, calls-to-action, links and anchor text.


  1. PEER Strategy | Evolve | Keywords | Loyalty BoundPlace your target keywords near the beginning of your headline.

That will boost both SEO and discoverability. For instance, if your target keyword is “excavator,” your headline that says “Excavators: 5 Must-Have Attachments” will out-perform a headline that says “5 Must-Have Attachments for Excavators.”

  1. Keep those headlines short.

Most search engines will only show the first 65 characters of your headline, so if yours is longer, people will only see “…” at the end. Headlines should be short anyway, to grab attention and convey your topic to searchers at a glance.

  1. Use brackets to call attention to special content.

Does your equipment dealership blog post include a handy checklist? Tell people that in your headline: “Money-Saving Maintenance Tips for Wheel Loaders [Checklist].” Use this for FAQs, infographics or videos, etc. too.


  1. PEER Strategy | Engage | Calls To Action | Loyalty Bound | CTAA/B test your CTA color, copy, design and placement.

Refining the details can improve click-throughs by 200% or more. Change just one element at a time, though; otherwise you can’t tell which change triggered the greater response. Once you make a change, leave it in place long enough to acquire useful analytic data about how it’s working.

  1. Use secondary CTAs.

Sometimes your blog reader just isn’t interested in your primary lead-generation offer. Using a secondary call-to-action that invites them to subscribe to your blog gives them another chance to engage with you, in turn giving you a second chance to collect their email address. Put your secondary CTA right underneath your primary CTA.

  1. teamPersonalize with Smart CTAs.

Dynamic content displays differently depending on how each blog reader is segmented in your contacts database, allowing you to personalize what they see. If someone already subscribes to your blog, their CTA might say “email this to a friend,” whereas you can show non-subscribers an invitation that says “subscribe to our blog.”

Links and anchor text.

  1. Link to your high-ranking internal pages.

Although this may sound like a wasted effort, since those pages are already giving you valuable SEO, it’s actually strategically smart. Slightly improving the position of a low-ranking page won’t do you much good, because it will still rank low. On the other hand, improving an already-high-ranked page could boost it from #3 to #2 or lift it to Page 1 of search results. That matters, because it can actually drive more clicks.

  1. target_flat_icon-02Optimize the first link, if you link more than once to the same page.

It’s perfectly fine to include more than one link from your equipment dealership blog article to a particular page, especially if you’ve just introduced new content you want to emphasize to drive traffic in that direction. But be aware that search engines pay the most attention to the anchor text in the first of those multiple links, so that’s where you should optimize for your keyword(s).

  1. Link from your old posts to your new ones.

Yes, you read that correctly. Boost the SEO of your new post and reinforce your authority by linking an older, relevant post to your brand new one. Once you’ve published the new article, simply go back to the older one and add an internal link (with relevant anchor text, of course).

The best thing about these tips for improving your equipment dealership blog? They’re all easy to do.

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