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The Battle of the Blog Topics | Attract More Leads to your Dealership’s Website With Better Blog Title Tips

The Battle of the Blog Topics Attract More Leads to your Dealership's Website With Better Blog Title Tips

The Battle of the Blog Topics | Attract More Leads to your Dealership’s Website With Better Blog Title Tips

Blogging is a proven technique to attract more leads to your dealership website. How well your blog performs depends on how timely and relevant your articles are in the eyes of your prospects. But did you know that how you word your blog titles can have a significant impact on that performance?

PEER Strategy | Evolve | Blogging | Loyalty BoundYour blog’s headline is its most important attribute, for one simple reason: if it doesn’t entice people to click through to read your article, then the content you have so carefully created goes unnoticed. In that way, a blog title is exactly the same as an email subject line. You have just a few words to pique your prospect’s interest.

Fortunately, there are blogging statistics buffs out there who have actually studied what works and what doesn’t when crafting blog headlines. We’ve compiled some of that data into tips you can use when writing your dealership blog.

You have to be part savvy headline writer and part insightful persona psychologist.

Putting the following tips to work successfully requires keeping your marketing personas in mind as you compose each headline.

  1. Questions have inherent intrigue – readers just have to find out the answer. Phrase your title starting with what, when, where, why, how.
  1. rev_up_yourblogTitles that broadly describe your article’s content naturally appeal to more people. On the other hand, if your article is aimed at a niche group within your audience, make that clear so you don’t mislead (and then disappoint) potential readers.
  1. Overused adjectives are boring, whereas originality makes your blog stand out — and isn’t that the point? 3 Reasons to Buy a New Excavator is boring; 3 Tell-Take Signs You Need a New Excavator gives your title more cache.
  1. Along the same line, avoid clichéd descriptors that make your content sound just like everyone else’s. Not A Comprehensive Guide to Preventive Maintenance, but Fool-Proof Ways to Save Money on Preventive Maintenance.
  1. personas_sheetsUse the words “you” and “your.” Your personas want to know what’s in it for them.
  1. Hint at exclusivity – you have the inside track and you’re offering it to your prospect. Use words like secret, surprising, hidden, reveal, new, now, exclusive, how-to, breakthrough.
  1. If your blog post highlights a specific type of content – for example, you’re announcing a new infographic or video – put that word at the beginning of your title. Our Latest Video Explains How to Spec Tires, not What You Need to Know about Spec’ing Tires.
  1. educational_information-01Use numbers in your titles. Readers are automatically drawn to them, and a number tells readers what they’ll get: 5 Steps to Reducing Maintenance Costs. And here’s something interesting – studies show odd numbers draw 20% better than even numbers. Go figure.
  1. Use humor, when appropriate, because we could all use a smile and humor humanizes your dealership. Don’t try to be funny all the time, though, or no one will take you seriously.
  1. Keep it short and to the point. As a rule, blog post titles shouldn’t exceed 60 characters for SEO reasons, but from a “people” standpoint brevity is also ideal. You want to capture attention, not tell the whole story.

So there you go. Use these tips to improve your blog post titles and you’ll be able to attract more leads to your website and increase online sales.


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