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The Hidden Benefits of PR for Your Construction Dealership Business

The Hidden Benefits of PR for Your Construction Dealership Business-01

The Hidden Benefits of PR for Your Construction Dealership Business

PR isn’t just for movie stars, aspiring politicians and big corporations in crisis. Public relations is just what the name implies. Properly used, it can help you develop stronger relationships with your public – prospects and existing customers. PR should be part of the marketing strategy for every construction dealership.

PR public relationsYour website, blog, social media, etc. work to establish and support your dealership’s credibility and authority. Public relations efforts increase awareness about your dealership. They reinforce your name familiarity – your dealership’s brand – and demonstrate your leadership in your industry and your community. PR activities expand your opportunities to engage with prospects.

Happily, nearly all PR opportunities are free, and the time you invest will be well spent indeed. So get creative. Here are some ideas to consider.


speaking_1 hard hat salesmanFear not, you don’t have to step to the podium in front of an audience of thousands. Talk to your local Rotary. Attend chamber of commerce or trade association chapter networking events. Participate in nearby college or even high school job fairs — who better than you to encourage careers in the construction industry? And what better way to create future customers?

Speaking is an excellent staff development activity, and it builds their individual authority along with your dealership’s. You can also share your expertise by writing a guest newspaper column or blog article, being interviewed for the local business paper or a trade publication.


community_events sponsorshipShow you’re a good neighbor by supporting community events or projects with money or in-kind contributions – maybe they need a lot cleared to set up booths, or help installing temporary landscaping. Show you’re a valuable part of your industry by supporting trade shows, etc. in every way you can.

You’ll get visual promotion of your name and logo, but often you can display your equipment or conduct live demonstrations onsite, too.


Schedule a day out of the office, and put your team to work helping others – contributing their construction skills to Habitat for Humanity, collecting canned goods for the food bank, coaching a Special Olympics event, whatever is meaningful to you. Outfit them in T-shirts or caps with your logo, and take some photos or a make a video of your experience.

Press releases.

press_release-01Announce awards or that big new job you just landed, to your local business newspaper, chamber of commerce and trade journals. Emphasize how your achievement is helping the local or regional economy, or other details that makes the information audience-appropriate for the publication. Ask if your dealership can be featured in the next “Business Spotlight.”

Note that press releases are only for legitimate news — in the eyes of the publication — or you’re wasting your time. Invite the business editor or writer to lunch or coffee, and ask them what interests them. They’re happy to talk with you, because they need your help to find good stories. And developing a personal relationship establishes you as a go-to resource when they have questions about the construction industry, the types of equipment you carry, etc.

Getting quoted can do wonders to build your credibility.

quotations quote article testimonialUse a paid newswire service to save time and ensure accurately-targeted regional or national distribution of press releases. And enlist your marketing team or a freelance writer to handle the actual composition, because proper format is critical for press releases.

Public relations efforts increase awareness of your dealership by broadening your reach beyond typical marketing avenues. They increase your credibility and authority. But there’s another benefit, too. Every time you win an award, write an article, speak or display at an event or volunteer, you’re generating wonderful new content for your blog and social media posts, even your website.


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