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How to Turn Your Website into a Lead Generation Machine

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How to Turn Your Website into a Lead Generation Machine

Just like you want the most powerful, efficient trucks for your fleet or construction machinery on the job, you need a website that’s designed for the work at hand – qualifying and converting leads.

Of course you want lots of leads. But the point isn’t to bury your sales team in random “potential” customers, it’s to provide them with genuine leads that are ready for personal contact. Generating the right leads is especially important for a specialized dealership like yours, because you’re not selling some mass market product.

Inbound Marketing Software | Loyalty Bound | ADI AgencyYour content management software is your greatest “accessory” when it comes to turning your website into a lead generation machine. Using it to its fullest potential allows you to efficiently create content and automate its distribution, design right-on-target landing pages and study detailed analytical data. Your software allows you to organize workflows, so you can easily sort and manage your incoming leads.

Lead generation starts with your goals in mind.

Understanding The Online Sales Funnel for Construction EquipmentWhat types of lead generation do you want? Are you looking to boost leads at every point in your sales funnel? Focusing on mid-stage or late-stage prospects?

What do you want your website visitor to do? Click to another page? Download something? Call now to speak with a sales professional? What’s in it for them if they do that?

How_To-VideoUse your most popular content to convert leads.

Since it’s a proven draw, turn that how-to video or tip sheet or whitepaper into an offer that requires visitors to give you their email address or other information you want to gather, rather than just posting it on your blog or website.

Give your offer an irresistible landing page.

PEER Strategy | Engage | Landing Pages | Loyalty BoundSimple visual design is crucial here. So is your choice of words. Landing pages need a direct call to action – one that speaks to your prospect’s persona and buying stage and emphasizes action, with verbs that announce the benefit of taking the next step. Words like “get” or “learn” pack more punch than vague concepts such as “picture yourself …“

Remember, the less you ask on your contact form, the more likely visitors are to fill it out and take the next step with you. Be strategic about the information you request.

You need two types of CTAs.

PEER Strategy | Engage | Calls To Action | Loyalty BoundSprinkle calls to action throughout your website, to lead prospects to your landing pages. Your home page and product pages are especially effective places to invite visitors to capture a download, watch a video, learn more about extended warranties or read actual customer stories about your products or your dealership. Testimonials have tremendous impact, especially if you use the customer’s photo alongside. Use the testimonial as a CTA, by adding a “read Joe’s full story” button.

Your content management software should automatically generate CTA codes, so you can easily place your call to action where you want it on your website. Positioning is everything, so be sure it’s clearly visible and toward the top of the page.

Say thanks.

A page that thanks prospects for downloading your offer, etc. is good manners but unexpected. You can even add a bonus tip or a “we thought you might also like this” video link to further thank them and reinforce their smart decision to stay engaged with you.

thank you page template

Testing and tuning.

Either you leave your business development and growth to chance, or you study marketing results to learn what’s working and what isn’t. The more refined and efficient your marketing, the more effective it will be. Your website will not only generate more leads, they’ll be the right leads.

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