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The Types of Images You Should Be Posting To Social Media to Increase Customer Engagement

The Types of Images You Should Be Posting To Social Media to Increase Customer Engagement

The Types of Images You Should Be Posting To Social Media to Increase Customer Engagement

Marketing experts all agree that visuals are the dominant trend in social media this year. For that matter, using images throughout your marketing is crucial to attract more traffic and encourage more customer engagement. Images are psychologically friendlier, inviting your viewer to use their imagination and put themselves in the picture.

And they have tangible value for your social media:

  • Pie-Chart-icon90% of information your brain processes is visual, and it can process that data 60,000 faster than text.
  • Videos in posts generate triple the inbound links compared to plain text.
  • Using infographics can boost your traffic by 12%.
  • Posts with visuals drive 94% more page visits – on Facebook, posts with visuals receive double the comments.

Images are the ultimate in versatility.

There’s a lot more you can do with visuals than simply borrowing your OEM’s beauty shots of their heavy duty trucks or construction equipment. You’ll boost your social media engagement by posting any of these types of images:

  • 20101112-exec-suite-sales-teamYour products – static pictures are better than nothing, but action photos are far more attention-grabbing, and your prospects can relate better to on-the-job scenes.
  • Your team – it’s important to personalize your dealership and establish the credibility of your entire staff. Posting pictures of your people introduces them to prospects and existing customers. You can use head shots, but action is more engaging here, too, so take candid shots of your service techs at work, a sales person handing over the keys of a brand new big rig, etc.

Take group pictures occasionally to show the sheer size and camaraderie of your sales and support team. And make some of your team photos selfies – it’s all the rage right now.

  • Real-time shots – social media are all about spontaneity, so capture some happening-right-now pictures to post right away, whether it’s the arrival of your morning box of donuts or a brand new skid steer being unloaded off a flatbed.
  • Insider photos – everyone secretly wants to know what goes on behind the scenes at your dealership, so give them an exclusive peek with photos of your sales meeting, your techs building out a new truck, etc.
  • Create a collage – why post just one picture, when you can create a grouping of three or more? You can now tweet up to four photos in a single post. You can group people and products, or create a sequential series of pictures that show your crew building out a new truck or the “easy as 1-2-3” steps for using your newest attachment. Do a then-and-now group of old machines versus new or your dealership before and after your remodel.
  • Graphics – take advantage of the statistics mentioned above and create images that depict your product information in a fun and very visual way. Maybe just one little-known fact or stat. You can also use tools like PowerPoint, Photoshop or PicMonkey to dress up your images for posting with text or special effects. Enlist your marketing experts to help with ideas and execution.
  • How_To-VideoDon’t forget video – videos have become a marketing essential, so posting links to your videos is an ideal way to cross-promote with your blog and website as well as across social media platforms.
  • Focus on your fans and followers – encourage your social media contacts to post pictures of themselves, their business, their trucks or other machinery, then retweet them or share them on other channels. Making customers feel special increases loyalty. Kick it up another notch by getting the back story behind the photo and running the story-plus-photo as a blog article. Link to that from your social media, of course.

When it comes to images and social media, the more you use, the more you’ll gain. So get out those cameras and graphics tools, and solicit photos and videos from your customers, so you have plenty of visuals for every posting.


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