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Why Use Buyer Personas | Benefits of Marketing to Individuals

Why Use Buyer Personas | Benefits of Marketing to Individuals

Your sales reps have always known that personalized contact – using someone’s name, for instance – shows you’re interested in them as an individual. Personalizing your online marketing achieves the same thing. And developing personas for each of your key customer segments enables you to reap the benefits of marketing to individuals, by creating and delivering content in meaningful ways beyond using someone’s name.


Smart marketers and business managers understand that individualized marketing is the way of the future, because content that’s customized is more relevant. More engaging. More successful.

Personas help you stay focused on priority prospects.

Being able to visualize your audience gives them dimension. You can target your marketing as if you’re speaking to an actual person, not some vague group. You’ll want to create personas that represent existing customers as well as potential customers you want to attract. Or you might want to create a persona for each of your service lines – sales, service, parts.

personas_sheetsThe more detailed your personas, the more useful they’ll be to help you uncover all the benefits of marketing to individuals, but don’t make yourself crazy over the details. At the very least, identify some demographic data to describe each one. Give them a gender, and a name. What’s their area of responsibility at work? What keywords do they use to search online? What social mediado they use? Do they use mobile devices?

The process of developing personas supplies insight into your prospects and customers, enabling you to continuously andstrategically refine your marketing content and special offers. Include your entire staff in persona development, because they have different interactions and therefore different perspective on customers and prospects.

Want to know more about your customers so you can create the most realistic – and most valuable – personas? Talk to them. Why guess what’s on someone’s mind when you can simply chat with them about what information they need, what keeps them awake at night thinking about their business, or why they choose to do business with your dealership?

Talk to everyone that comes in your door, and deputize every employee to be an official point of contact. They already have contact with your customers, so you can cement that relationship – and demonstrate your personalized interest in people – by empowering everyone in your dealership to learn more about how you can help people. You can also use another tried-and-true technique – yes, picking up the phone.

You’ll learn details to help flesh out your personas, but you’ll also collect customer stories and topic ideas you can use for future content marketing.

persona1Personas help you think like your customer. Consider that blogarticle you just wrote, or that email offer you just created – if you were your persona, how would you react? Is the social media post you’re about to share something your persona would share with their own friends or colleagues?

Technology pulls it all together.

Using personas helps plan, validate and refine your marketing strategy and execution. The latest technology can help you suss out who’s searching, where, how and for what, then direct the most relevant, timely content to those who represent your priority prospects.

You’ll be able to deliver tailored content based on what individuals have previously looked at or downloaded and how frequently they engage with your emails, social media or other content. You can even acknowledge people by name, reinforcing the personalized nature of your content. Adopting CRM and content management software that fully supports personalization and makes the process easy for you will allow your dealership to enjoy all the benefits of marketing to individuals.


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