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Use CTA’s In Your Blogs To Convert Website Viewers To Sales Leads

Use CTA’s In Your Blogs To Convert Website Viewers To Sales Leads

Your blog is a great way to inform your audience, building credibility and authority for your dealership. But it’s also a great tool to convert website viewers to sales leads or move them farther along in your sales funnel. You can make that happen by ensuring each blog article includes a relevant call to action.



Powerful, hard-working CTAs don’t come about by accident. You need to follow a systematic approach so that you match the right offer and CTA with each blog article, otherwise your audience won’t see your CTA as an opportunity.

You can’t just use the same call to action every time, because your blog audience varies – some readers are new to your dealership or maybe even to the equipment you sell, whereas others have been in the construction or trucking industry a long time. You’re gearing different blog articles to these different interests, so it makes the most sense to use a well-fitting CTA. It’s like matching up rpms for a smooth shift to the next level.

what-is-a-ctaA systematic approach simplifies CTA selection.

What you want to do is start with a list of all your marketing offers, then narrow those options until you arrive at the best possible offer and CTA for each blog post. If you don’t have a ready-made toolkit of offers, taking the time to create one will make all your marketing efforts more efficient and more productive.

Simply follow this step-by-step decision-making process. As you do, you’ll notice the factors important to selecting the most productive call to action are actually the same as those you consider when creating your blog articles themselves:

  1. Identify where the majority of this article’s readers are in your sales funnel. If they’re new to you, an offer such as a whitepaper or eBook is more likely to be attractive to them. But if they’re at a later stage, a free demo may be more appealing to them. If you’re using a sophisticated content management system, you can actually choose more than one CTA for each blog article, because your system will recognize repeat visitors and can display the call to action that’s most relevant for them.
  2. Identify which of your marketing target personas this article is written for. As you developed each persona, you made notes about their interests, needs and work-related problems your dealership and products can help solve. Now’s the time to make use of that information with a CTA and offer that hit the spot.
  3. Choose a format for your offer. If there’s a format that typically resonates best with this audience sector and persona – say they tend to download templates or tip sheets rather than sign up for your webinars – that’s the format you want to use to make conversion as alluring as possible.
  4. Consider the blog article’s topic. You want to be as relevant as possible, so a call to action that follows the subject matter will probably convert best.
  5. How knowledgeable is this audience? Again, is this blog post aimed at readers who are new to you or your equipment, or people who are industry veterans? Someone who’s considering a first purchase won’t want an offer of tips for maintaining the equipment as much as a document that explains how using the equipment will save them money.
  6. Choose the call to action that has the highest click-through and conversion rates. After all, there’s nothing like past success to improve the likelihood of future success. Ideally, each of the offers in your marketing toolkit should already have a call to action associated with it. If not, evaluate each offer’s landing page conversion performance to make your choice.

Using this process to assign the right offer and CTA to each blog article will help you convert website viewers to sales leads.

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