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Use Social Media To Promote Your Construction Equipment Dealership

Use Social Media To Promote Your Construction Equipment Dealership-01

Use Social Media To Promote Your Construction Equipment Dealership

This may be hard to believe, but the average American checks in with their social media accounts a total of 17 times a day. While your dealership’s construction equipment customers may not be quite that fervent, you can be sure they’re regular social participants. Are you there participating with them? If not, you’re missing valuable (and often unique) opportunities to promote your construction equipment dealership.

Social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have long since moved past text-only communication. You can now add images and video links to your messages, making them much more interesting and shareable. And of course, sites such as Pinterest are all about visuals. You can literally show off your products, your people, and your customers rather than just talking about them. The possibilities are nearly limitless.

These days there are numerous other platforms you might consider using, but these are the Big Four. So here are some ways you can zero in on them to promote your construction equipment dealership more effectively.


You may associate Facebook with youngsters, but the fact is Facebook is strong among higher-income users age 45 and older. What’s important?

  • Making sure your dealership has its own business page, separate from your personal profile.
  • Post content that reinforces your reputation as a construction industry resource – tips for getting the most from equipment, links to your blog articles, fun quotes or trivia, photos of customers working in unusual conditions, links to how-to-videos.
  • Get The Most Of Your Dealership Facebook Page in 2017 With These 6 Tips-02Post questions or survey followers (briefly!) about product preferences or trending industry issues, then post results.
  • You can also advertise on Facebook, to your target audience in your geographic area.

Experts recommend 1-2 posts per day.


About a fifth of adults use Twitter, about a third of them under 30. That makes Twitter the perfect complement to Facebook in terms of reaching and engaging with a broader age range. Considering the fact that many of your dealership’s prospects and customers are family-owned businesses, reaching multiple generations is critical.

This platform is ideal for quick-burst communications, since you’re limited to 140 characters. Tip or quote of the day, a teaser with link to your blog or a video, a photo and caption, announcements – are you hiring, for example? Retweet other people’s posts, and encourage them to share your tweets.

What-Are-Facebook-Instant-Articles,-and-Why-Should-You-Care-articleExperts recommend 5 to 7 tweets each day.


This is a must-have for business professionals, because it is a proven winner when it comes to generating leads. In fact, LinkedIn excels beyond every other social media platform when it comes to converting visitors to leads. So while your profile may seem like a resume, but the purpose is to inform people about who you are as a dealership – in ways that make them want to know you better.  

What’s important?

  • Seriously consider setting up both personal and business profiles – that way, you can establish yourself as a construction industry expert and establish your dealership as a go-to resource, too.
  • Join groups whose members you want to meet – and whom you want to impress. The goal of participation is to start conversations and be a helpful contributor, so skip sales pitches. That said, sharing business-related news and successes is great – a new team member, product line, award, or article about you in an industry publication are all eminently shareable.
  • Photos work here, too, as long as they tell a story, or perhaps give people a laugh.

Check in with LinkedIn once a day.

Use Social Media To Promote Your Construction Equipment Dealership-02Pinterest

Create boards where customers can pin their own photos of themselves using your equipment, along with photos pinned by you. Challenging situations are easy for others to relate to, but a shot of the young granddaughter sitting at the controls of a new wheel loader (in mom or dad’s lap) is relateable in a very personal way. Have fun with Pinterest. Encourage prospects and customers to re-pin your photos, and build a sense of community by encouraging them to follow each other, too.

Experts recommend posting at least 5 times a day.

Do it right: delegate

In many ways, using social media is easy. But it’s also time-consuming. And as with all your marketing efforts, you have to work it strategically to reap the greatest benefit. That said, the smartest plan is to let your marketing team handle the heavy lifting. Here at ADI, we’re uniquely prepared to help you get the most from social media and help you develop and implement a comprehensive inbound marketing plan. Why? We aren’t just marketing experts, we know construction equipment sales from the inside out.

When you’re ready to promote your construction equipment dealership effectively, we’re ready to help.

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