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Using Twitter for your Dealership, Can Improve Customer Relationships

Using Twitter for your Dealership Can Improve Customer Relationships

You may not be a naughty movie star or a retailer of world-renowned soft drinks, but Twitter can still find a home among your dealership’s social media channels. Using Twitter for your dealership puts customer relationship-building right at your fingertips.



You can use Twitter to interact with individuals, designated groups or your entire entourage of followers simultaneously.

What to do.

  • Make sure your Twitter profile is complete and visually branded to match your other marketing.
  • Twitter isn’t a “newsfeed,” it’s a two-way engagement tool just like all social media. You’ll strengthen customer relationships by drawing them in, so start conversations and request feedback about your dealership in addition to doling out tips and introducing new products or services.
  • How Branding Your Truck Dealership Will Improve Your Bottom LineTwitter is perfect for posing questions – and answering your followers’ questions. Tweet about specific customer service issues to reinforce your “customer care” philosophy.
  • Include a hashtag to make your topics searchable and easier for people to find and share. Just put a “#” symbol before whatever keyword you want to use — #xyztrucks or #excavators – the shorter the better, since Twitter is the essence of brevity.
  • Share photos – quick and easy, and worth the proverbial thousand words, let alone 140 characters.
  • Occasionally offer something special – maybe your latest whitepaper or tip sheet.
  • Ask your followers what content they want most, then give it to them.
  • hash-tag-twitterLanding pages are nothing short of critical for conversion, whether you’re driving that traffic from Twitter or some other source (or several sources). Get with your outside marketing team on this, if you don’t have enough time or staff internally to craft these pages.
  • Mobilize. Your Twitter followers are on the go, so everything you link back to –  landing pages or other content – has to provide a mobile-friendly user experience.
  • Use your analytics ensure you’re using Twitter for your dealership in the most effective way.

Your audience doesn’t expect (or want) you to tweet them overly often. But you don’t want them to forget about you, either. So pick a schedule that allows you to pass along juicy tidbits of timely and useful information, but don’t keep repeating yourself. That way your followers will look forward to your tweets, and you’ll reinforce your credibility as well as your value.

Remember your social media manners.

  • be-interesting-informative-positive-consistentFocus on what’s important to your audience.
  • Be interesting, or informative, sticking to business-oriented topics.
  • Be positive.
  • Be consistent.
  • Respond in a timely manner, to engage followers and build your reputation as a trustworthy resource.
  • Periodically thank followers for their participation.
  • Remember that quality is more important than quantity.

If you’re new to Twitter:

Try following some of your best customers or hottest prospects first, to see how they’re using Twitter and what they’re talking about. Follow your OEM(s), too. Then start sending your own posts. You can also retweet messages you receive, if they’re pertinent for your audience.

Promote your Twitter presence.

twitter_promoteAs with all your sales and marketing interactions, remember to stockpile happy testimonials about your dealership, especially your customer service. You can use these to create all kinds of other content, from website “eye-catchers” to blog articles.

Save the negative comments, too, at least long enough to discuss them internally and do something about them. Then tweet about that! Now you’re really using Twitter for your dealership.

Don’t forget to link your Twitter profile to your website and include the Twitter icon on all your marketing, to build up your Twitter following.