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What Website Analytics Can Do For Your Heavy Trucking Dealership

What Website Analytics Can Do For Your Heavy Trucking Dealership

Not every visitor to your trucking dealership’s website is equally valuable. Do you want 100 people to walk in your door, or three who need and are prepared to order a new tractor? Website analytics help you focus on the three, so you aren’t wasting valuable time and money talking to non-prospects.



The detailed information you can glean from website analytics benefits your dealership in two crucial, business-building ways. It allows you to evaluate your marketing to ensure you’re attracting the most promising visitors. And it helps you capture data about prospects and existing customers to learn more about their online behavior and interests.

What can you learn?

Website analytics help you understand your website’s page-by-page performance. You can track details such as:

  • persona1Total visits.
  • Traffic sources – other websites as well as your own marketing content.
  • How long each visitor stayed.
  • Number of conversions – offer downloads, sign-up form completion, etc. – and who they are.
  • Percentage of return visitors.
  • Most popular pages.
  • Most common search words and phrases.
  • Geographic location of visitors.
  • Number and sources of inbound links, which build SEO.

Who cares?

It’s what you do with all that data that counts. You can use it to improve your overall marketing strategy, specific tactics, the value and timing of your content. You can determine your marketing ROI and adjust your budget, if necessary.

What’s your bounce rate? If lots of people leave your website without looking past whatever page they land on, something is wrong. Perhaps your home page needs an upgraded look, easier navigation or better-targeted, more compelling content. Or perhaps your landing pages or calls to action need to be refined.

PEER Strategy | Prepare | Marketing Plan | Loyalty BoundWhat percentage of website visitors are new to you? Name familiarity is good, but your strongest prospects are those who find you without using your name – people who don’t already know your dealership are your potential new customers.

How well is your social media marketing working, and which platforms are performing best? Which offers are driving the most response from your social friends and followers?

PEER Strategy | Evolve | Keywords | Loyalty BoundAre you using the right keywords? More detailed search phrases typically bring you better-targeted visitors. That’s why long-tail keywords are so valuable — for instance, Freightliner sleeper cab trucks rather than heavy trucks, or even Freightliner trucks. Your website analytics will tell you exactly which combinations of words people are using to find you.

PEER Strategy | Prepare | Analytics | Loyalty BoundPutting your analytics to use will make you more efficient and more effective. You can do more of what’s working well and get rid of things that aren’t attracting or engaging your desired targets. Review your analytics often, not after a campaign has ended or randomly every few months. Regular evaluation is the only way to ensure timeliness, which is essential for success.

You need the right metrics.

You can’t know if you’re making progress unless you have a baseline for comparison. Benchmarks should reflect the overall business goals for your dealership — increased awareness or sales – as well as your website goals — specific visitor actions that lead to further engagement such as number of downloads, number of webinar registrations, etc.

Look for repeat visitors, because that indicates increasing customer loyalty. Notice how frequently they return, too, because that often indicates how close they are to making a buying decision.

Website analytics can help you acquire more leads, understand their behavior in relation to your website and move them through your sales funnel. The more efficiently you can generate top-quality leads and convert them, the greater the return on your marketing efforts and the greater your profitability.


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