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Working As a One Person Marketing Team? Try these 5 Tips to Stay Productive


Working As a One Person Marketing Team? Try these 5 Tips to Stay Productive

If you’re the only person in your dealership’s marketing “department,” take heart. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed – because you probably are – but there are things you can do to become more productive. Doing them will even boost the value and reach of your content marketing. Your marketing team may be small, but you can still be mighty.

Consider the five tactics below. Each of them is based on a single premise: having your own blog is good, but it’s not enough anymore. Today’s most productive bloggers are getting their content (and name) out via third-party sources, too. These five tactics may not all feel right for your dealership, but implementing just some of them will help you stretch your time, your budget and your marketing reach:

  1. Become a guest blogger.

You can get your articles published by others occasionally, simply by working out informal reciprocal agreements with vendors, complementary businesses, even customers. But as a marketing team of one, you can take this concept to a higher level to become more productive. Your goal is to become a permanent guest blogger, so you have a consistent, ongoing outlet for your content that reaches new audiences.

Do-These-5-Things-to-Make-Your-Dealership-Blog-More-Successful_iconPut in the time to uncover blogs that reach your best targets. Then introduce yourself to the writer/publisher and ask if you can offer a guest article. Make sure the topic is highly relevant and a quality read. If it’s well-received, keep up the process to strengthen your relationship. Remember, this is a way to promote your dealership but you’re also helping that blog acquire great content for themselves. Everyone’s a winner.

  1. Take advantage of “C” value.

Perhaps you already publish blogs under the name of your CEO. Take that to a higher level, too, by deliberately working to place articles authored by your CEO (even if you’re the ghost behind them). Their top-dog title will help you get placements in top industry publications. You’ll have even more success if they are well-known personally. And of course the more placements you obtain over time, the more you’re doing to build their personal brand as well as spread your dealership’s message.

  1. Repurpose your best stuff.

Working-As-a-One-Person-Marketing-Team-Try-these-5-Tips-to-Stay-Productive-squareWhen one of your guest blogs scores well in views, shares, likes, etc., rejoice. Good job! But keep the momentum going by giving the article new life and more exposure by pitching it somewhere else. Industry publications compete for the best material, and there’s no reason you can’t provide your great content to more than one of them (or all of them). Make sure you rewrite the article, though. That way, you’re giving the new publisher fresh content even if the talking points are the same. And they won’t get into SEO trouble for publishing duplicate material.

  1. Curate.

Curation saves time and broadens your content offerings. There are tools you can use to add your own marketing twist to curated content, adding your logo, a CTA and a link.

  1. Use social advertising to reach specific influencers.

social media analyticsEven a petite budget for Twitter or Facebook ads can help you get your content in front of industry influencers, because you can target specific jobs at specific businesses. This “niche” tactic may help keep your name in front of people who can help you or your dealership in some way. If your content is compelling enough, they may share or retweet it to their own friends and followers.

The more strategically you work, the more productive you’ll be. Just as third-party testimonials reinforce your dealership’s brand, exposure through other people’s blogs also builds and reinforces your reputation. The more successful your efforts, the faster your dealership will grow. Before you know it, you’ll no longer be a one person marketing team.




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