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What is the Best Investment a Construction Equipment Dealer Can Make? Extended Service Contract Program

What is the Best Investment a Construction Equipment Dealer Can Make-01

What is the Best Investment a Construction Equipment Dealer Can Make? Extended Service Contract Program

Your livelihood lies within the construction industry and, with this, comes great dependability on your equipment – the tools that allow you to conquer your jobs and keep you thriving in the industry. So avoid putting yourself at risk and invest in an Extended Service Contract – the small venture now will virtually pay for itself within your first major repair, and will continually provide you with benefits for years to come.

Avoid Costly Repairs Before They Happen

Protecting Equipment From Cradle To Grave | Protect My Iron ® | ADI AgencyThe assumption that your equipment won’t break down, need costly repairs, or require routine maintenance is an unrealistic and irresponsible one.  Instead, protect your business, protect your equipment, facilitate peace of mind, and increase the value of your equipment with a comprehensive Extended Warranty Contract!

Plans_Packages_gearsYou might be unaware of the fact that prices for parts and labor have increased so drastically in recent years that even some of the most common repairs are more costly than the price of a full-coverage Extended Service Contract. It’s true that the price of one repair can equal – if not, surpass – the price of an Extended Warranty! 

Eliminate Risk to Your Business & Finances

eliminate_riskAs a result of these rising costs and the economic struggles individuals and businesses have been faced with, many new financial and business risks have surfaced. It’s no secret that, in the event of a large, unexpected, and mandatory repair expense, a business’s finances could be so pressured that they spiral into insolvency, foreclosure, or bankruptcy. Plain and simple – one costly repair to a single piece of equipment could make or break a dealership. And the only way to avoid such giant risks is by investing in an Extended Service Contract – costing roughly the same as one repair but protecting you and your equipment for several repairs throughout the future.

Maintain and Increase Equipment Re-Sale Value

dollar_signMost dealerships and equipment owners are unaware that an Extended Service Contract can actually increase the value of their machine. While at the time of ownership it provides peace of mind, boosts safety, and eliminates liability and financial risk, when the time comes to sell or trade, your machine will be worth more with an Extended Service Contract than it will be without one. In fact, they’re so critical that, in most cases, an accurate dollar value is placed on them. This way, you can determine exactly how much value an Extended Warranty can add to your equipment. Without a doubt, placing an Extended Service Contract on your machine(s) is a true investment.

Protect My Iron® | ADI AgencyMake the Investment Today!

The Experts at ADI Agency specialize in Extended Service Contracts to offer you the best warranty options available and ones that are designed specifically for your piece of equipment. You’ve made the investment, and we’ll help you protect it – from cradle to grave.


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