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Easily Managing your Construction Equipment Warranties

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Easily Managing your Construction Equipment Warranties

Keeping track of your construction equipment warranties doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Managing paperwork is always one of the most challenging behind-the-scenes issues whether you’re a manufacturer or a dealership, because customer files can be filled with lengthy official forms, photos and other documents. But information has to be readily available when you need it, especially in the case of a warranty claim.

Now, there’s a product that pulls all of the files for your construction equipment warranties together in one place. Warranty Connect is the premiere warranty management software package designed exclusively for those in the construction industry. It’s ideal for both OEMs and dealerships because it was created by ADI Agency, the people with decades of experience in both insurance and construction.

Warranty Management Software | Warranty Connect | Protect My Iron ®Since Warranty Connect is web-based, it’s available whenever you need it, from any device or location that has internet access.  The software automates and streamlines the entire warranty process, from quote generation to claims paid. Authorized users can follow a claim from beginning to end, seeing exactly where the machine is in the repair process.

Warranty Connect provides comprehensive visibility into each of the construction equipment warranties, improving end-to-end efficiency for both manufacturers and dealers. The software is easy to use, establishing seamless communication between manufacturer, dealer and end customers. And you can customize the program to meet your individual OEM or dealership dealer needs.

What can you do with Warranty Connect?

  • Real-time quotes
  • Complete claims tracking
  • Warranty-related invoicing
  • Generate detailed reports
  • Generate printer-friendly certificates

The system allows you to capture full equipment history, including detailed machine information, past documents and any available photos, assuring a complete package of data about each covered machine that’s all in one place and easily accessible.

Specific benefits for dealerships.

Use Warranty Connect to increase customer satisfaction, by offering:

  • 600x200_cta_warrantyconnect_dealersQuick, accurate quotes and warranty purchase 24/7
  • Real-time notification of claim status
  • A customer portal with 24/7 access to claim data and history
  • Reports of claim history and equipment purchases

Use the software to manage your internal rental fleet warranties, too, purchasing coverage for fleet equipment and easily tracking each machine.

Specific benefits for manufacturers.

  • 600x200_cta_warrantyconnect_oemsReal-time business intelligence, including quotes and warranty purchase 24/7
  • Ad hoc reporting on demand
  • Streamlined workflows and communication
  • Custom design branded for your OEM

Warranty Connect keeps customers in the loop, too.

The customer portal enables individual customers to review their own construction equipment warranty information, with the same from-anywhere 24/7 access. Allowing them to help themselves to information and answer simply questions on their own saves you time and shows you’re committed saving them time, too.

Protect My Iron® has everybody covered.

Protect My Iron® | ADI Agency

Warranty Connect is part of ADI’s Protect My Iron® full-service program that provides extended coverage warranties for construction equipment. Extended coverage is available for any equipment that’s no longer covered by its original equipment warranty as well as for newly-purchased used equipment and rental fleets. That helps protect OEMs, dealerships and end-user customers from owner-operators to fleet managers.

Dealerships can generate new revenue by offering customers the family of Protect My Iron® extended warranty coverage options.

ADI’s expert marketing staff can help you get the most from these value-added services, by promoting them to your customers. Those customers might be dealers, if you’re an OEM,  or contractors, if you’re a dealership. The more everyone in the chain does to promote the value of extended warranty coverage through Protect My Iron®, the more everyone benefits. When you back that coverage with Warranty Connect, the benefits are even greater.

Isn’t it time to learn more about how easy it can be to manage your construction equipment warranties?


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