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Lower Operating Costs With Daily Checks for Wheel Loaders

Lower Operating Costs With Daily Checks for Wheel Loaders

Lower Operating Costs With Daily Checks for Wheel Loaders

You have a big day ahead – there’s work to be done! It’s so frustrating to have to start with an equipment walk-around rather than getting straight to work. But here’s the thing: that daily check will keep your wheel loaders on the job and producing revenue. Neglect it, and you’ll inevitably face the expense (and fara greater frustration) associated with repairs and downtime. That’s no way to lower operating costs.

This scenario applies to your dealership’s construction customers, of course, but the advice also applies to your dealership’s rental fleet. It’s always a good idea to remind customers from time to time about the critical importance of daily checks – not just when they purchase a new piece of equipment, but when they take out a rental.

Here’s the low-down on how daily checks for wheel loaders can lower operating costs
Consumables represent a sizeable chunk of operating expenses. Making the right choices and making them last as long as possible saves money.

  • checklist[1]Prolong tire life by using traction controls to reduce tire spin. A differential lock and rim-pull control can save money because they help increase traction while minimizing potential tire damage caused by wheel spin.
  • Regularly record (and adjust, if necessary) pressure on all four tires as well as their condition. Proper tire pressure has a dramatic impact on wear and performance. Some OEMs now offer tire pressure monitoring as part of the telematics on wheel loaders.
  • Boost fuel efficiency by reducing idle time (which also puts unnecessary hours on the machine).

Keep good maintenance records for your wheel loaders. You can’t stay on schedule with preventive maintenance if you don’t track what needs to be done and mark it off when it’s completed. Tracking enables you to better predict problems or larger maintenance needs, too.

Lower Operating Costs With Daily Checks for Wheel Loaders-02Beyond the tire monitoring system noted above, technology now makes it easier and faster to lower operating costs by more effectively managing overall maintenance. You can monitor everything from engine rpms and idle time to fuel usage in real time.

Nonetheless, that pesky daily check is still a fundamental necessity. Walk-arounds should always include checking all fluid levels — for the engine, brakes, and hydraulics – as well as greasing where needed. Manufacturers are speeding and simplifying this process, putting checkpoints on new machines at the ground line, within easy reach. Some have also added automatic greasing systems.

Just how old are those wheel loaders?
If a machine’s OEM warranty is about to expire, your customer would be smart to invest in an extended equipment warranty. Daily checks and regular service can certainly prolong a wheel loader’s life, but parts do wear out or break no matter how conscientious their care. An extended warranty protects your customers, by enabling them to get their loader back on the job as soon as possible while conserving capital for other important uses. That’s a great way to lower operating costs.

warranty-1024x1024In fact, your dealership can directly assist customers with extended warranties, thanks to ADI’s Protect My Iron® program. Customers can choose among different coverage levels according to their needs, and easily manage warranty and claims details with our easy-to-use, proprietary Warranty Connect software. The software links the customer, you as their dealer, and OEMs, giving customers 24/7 access to their documents, etc.

We can also help you support customers by offering loss damage waivers and physical damage insurance. These programs are a big plus for customers, because they can get what they need from you rather than wasting time shopping around. These programs also provide an additional revenue stream for your dealership.

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