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Powertain And Hydraulics Coverage: The Inside Scoop for your Construction Equipment Warranty

Powertain & Hydraulics Coverage The Inside Scoop for your Construction Equipment Warranty-01

Powertain And Hydraulics Coverage: The Inside Scoop for your Construction Equipment Warranty

In a recent blog article, we talked about the importance of extended powertrain warranties for construction equipment. You can also purchase a construction equipment warranty through ADI that covers both powertrain and hydraulics. This upgraded coverage is something you should seriously consider, because hydraulic systems are integral to performance on many types of equipment. If they’re out of commission, work can grind to a halt.

Protect My Iron® | ADI AgencyADI’s Protect My Iron® extended warranty program also offers full machine coverage, and we’ll discuss that in a future post.

Protect My Iron® offers distinct advantages for both dealerships and customers.

For customers — and your dealership’s own rental fleet – an extended warranty that covers powertrain and hydraulics helps guard against mechanical breakdown that could cause costly downtime. For dealerships, the program offers multiple benefits.

ADI Agency | Protect My Iron | Extended Service Contracts WarrantyBy offering quality extended coverage for aging equipment already owned by customers and for newly-purchased used equipment, you’re demonstrating you understand the importance of their investment. This above-and-beyond customer assistance enhances your dealership’s reputation as a full-service working partner, and it facilitates the financing process by enabling your customer to secure insurance right up front.

Protect My Iron® also earns additional revenue for your dealership, helping grow your business and increase profitability.

What does a powertrain + hydraulic warranty include?

The engine:

  • Major assemblies — the block, crankshaft, flywheel, pistons, gears, camdrive and head.
  • The fuel system — pump and fuel transfer units, valves and lines, governor and injection components.
  • The air induction and exhaust system — manifold, turbocharger and controls, aftercooler and air exchanger.
  • The lubrication system – pumps and drive units, both primary and auxiliary.
  • The cooling system – fan drive group, pumps, jacket water, cooler and heat exchanger and lines.

Power transmission:

Manual transmission; flywheel, clutch, clutch brake and controls; torque converter, divider and retarder; power shift transmission; hydrostatic transmission, countershaft transmission and power flow connectors.

Drive systems:

Steering clutches and brakes, differential steering and brakes; drive line for either track or wheeled vehicles; wheels and axles for wheeled vehicles; piston motor group and hydraulic drive; front and rear drive axles.

Hydraulic systems:

Cooling, steering and hydraulics; lift, tilt and tip controls; motor grader implement controls; scraper controls; ripper, tool bar and other implement controls; excavator, backhoe, front shovel and other implement controls; logger and skidder controls and miscellaneous other controls.

The warranty also covers vibratory components (specific to vibratory compactors), including valves, pumps, motors and the vibratory mechanism. Swing gear assembly and electrical system. Service truck time and mileage can also be included as an option, to cover job-site service of mechanical breakdown covered by the extended warranty. And often you can add coverage that pays for a loaner machine.

An extended construction equipment warranty does have limitations.

ADI Agency Insurance Programs for Construction EquipmentEach policy will specify a start date and specific period of time that coverage will be in effect. The powertrain and hydraulic systems are only covered for mechanical breakdown, not theft, accidents or other incidents that could cause damage.

Coverage is void if claims are made outside the specified time frame, if the owner abuses the machine, uses it for unintended applications, fails to properly maintain it or if the service hours gauge becomes inoperative or inaccurate. And like most insurance, coverage does not include unforeseen events such as acts of war or acts of nature.

Naturally, both the equipment owner and the insurer are contractually responsible for timely reporting of problems and response.

Sometimes even famously reliable machines break down. Rarely, a manufacturing defect causes problems. With an extended construction equipment warranty in place, business owners are protected against the unexpected, so if something does go wrong the business itself isn’t in jeopardy and there’s money to pay for repairs.

Considering the size of any construction equipment investment, protecting your iron is simply good business.


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