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Protect My Iron ® Is Now Registered!


Protect My Iron ® Is Now Registered!

ADI Agency is proud to announce we now have an official R in a circle, and we’re excited to tell you why we think that’s so important. The ® symbol you’ll now see attached to our “Protect My Iron” construction equipment warranty program means the name is a legally registered trademark. Whenever you see this name, you know it’s an ADI “brand.”

Protect My Iron® | ADI AgencyWe chose the name Protect My Iron ® because it represents something of utmost importance to anyone associated with the construction business. Your iron is your livelihood, and protecting it – and your financial investment in it – is essential for your business to survive and grow. That’s true for dealerships as well as end-users.

With our many years of first-hand experience on the front lines of the construction business as well as the insurance industry, we knew there had to be a better way to provide warranty products that could effectively support and protect both dealerships and their customers. That’s why we created Protect My Iron ®.

Why did we go to the trouble of registering our trademark?

Trademark-300x300Registering a trademark gives it federal protections. It publicly acknowledges that the name is owned by ADI Agency, and gives us exclusive right to use the name, in any way. It also establishes legal standing, in case there’s ever an infringement issue. When you see Protect My Iron ®, you can be confident it’s the real thing.

For us, having a formal trademark emphasizes our commitment to developing a series of valuable construction equipment warranty options that enhance your dealership’s ability to serve your customers and generate additional income at the same time. Program components can be custom-tailored to fit your dealership’s needs, and the proprietary Warranty Connect software ties it all together so it’s a snap to manage. That protects your time, too, and we all know that time is money, no matter what business you’re in.

Registration underscores the importance of warranties as a business tool.

New or used, things can go wrong with construction equipment. Proper insurance coverage allows you to manage that risk more effectively rather than facing potentially significant unplanned expenses and downtime. When you’re prepared, you can expect:

  • Fewer out-of-pocket costs associated with repairs or replacing expensive components.
  • Longer lifespans for your machinery, which adds up to lower total cost of ownership and higher return on your investment.
  • And for your customers, less worry and frustration about whether they’ll be able to complete their job on time.

An extended construction equipment warranty ensures your customers buying new machines remain protected even as that equipment matures beyond the OEM warranty period. It ensures customers purchasing used equipment are protected from the get-go. And it ensures your rental fleet is fully protected as well.

Protecting Equipment From Cradle To Grave | Protect My Iron ® | ADI AgencyOffering protection options such as those in the Protect My Iron ® family tells prospective customers you stand behind what you sell. It reinforces your reputation and desirability as a dealership, and it can help you close deals faster because the insurance component is already in place.

So we’re proud that our Protect My Iron ® insurance program now includes a registered trademark. It’s further acknowledgement that, at ADI Agency, we understand how insurance can work for you as a form of protection for you and your customers but also how it can serve as a marketing and revenue-generation tool for your dealership.


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