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The Most Robust Construction Equipment Warranty: Full Machine Coverage

The Most Robust Construction Equipment Warranty Full Machine Coverage-01

The Most Robust Construction Equipment Warranty: Full Machine Coverage

In previous articles, we’ve discussed the options and advantages surrounding Protect My Iron® construction equipment warranty options that cover a machine’s powertrain or powertrain plus hydraulics. But your dealership and your customers can cover an entire machine, too. This robust coverage is a smart choice for equipment that’s used frequently or under particularly difficult conditions.

Protect My Iron® | ADI Agency | PMIWith full machine coverage, your customers are protecting their equipment investment and also their ability to complete jobs in a timely manner. They’ll thank you for offering that coverage, because it helps protect their bottom line.

What does a full machine extended warranty entail?

It starts with coverage for the powertrain and hydraulics, when repairs are needed due to mechanical breakdown. That includes:

  • coverage_checklistEngine — all the major assemblies for the block, crankshaft, flywheel, pistons, gears, camdrive, head and cylinder head plus the fuel system, air induction and exhaust systems, lubrication systems and cooling system.
  • Power transmission – manual shift, power shift, hydrostatic or countershaft transmission plus the flywheel, clutch and clutch brake, torque converter and retarder systems.
  • Drive systems – steering clutches and brakes for track vehicles (not differential steer machines), brakes and related hydraulics, differential steering and brakes, drive line for either track or wheeled vehicles, wheels and axles, piston motor and front and rear drive axles.
  • Vibratory components – valves, pumps and motors and vibratory mechanism.
  • Swing gear assembly.

Optionally, the extended warranty can also include payment for service truck time and mileage, up to a specified maximum, if the machine cannot be transported to the shop and needs to be repaired onsite.

But a full coverage construction equipment warranty goes beyond all that, to include a long list of parts needed due to mechanical breakdown. Those parts might relate to the:

  • Engine
  • Transmission/differential
  • Steering and brakes
  • Hydraulic components
  • Electrical
  • Factory air conditioning
  • Frames and miscellaneous other components


There are things an extended warranty does not cover.

Extended Warranty for Construction Equipment | ADI Agency

Protect My Iron® is designed to insure construction equipment in the event of mechanical breakdown only. That means the machine is not covered for anything beyond the control of your customer, your dealership or the OEM. Things like natural disasters, terrorism, war or other extreme events.

However, there are some exclusions that are closer to home, and customers should understand these clearly. For instance, the warranty will not cover mechanical breakdown caused by:

  • Negligence or misuse of the equipment. That could be failure to regularly maintain it according to the manufacturer’s recommended schedule or working the machine in conditions or for applications outside its intended purpose. Negligence includes continuing to operate a machine known to be in need of repair.
  • External causes such as fire or theft, or damage during demolition and clean-up  following a natural disaster.
  • Transportation to and from the repair shop.
  • A known mechanical defect for which the manufacturer issued a recall that the customer ignored.

full-machine-01Even a full machine extended warranty won’t cover miscellaneous shop supplies, freight charges, etc. related to repairs. And it will be void if an accurate determination of service hours cannot be made because the machine’s meter has been inaccurate or inoperative for a month or 200 hours prior to a claim, or because it’s been altered.

The more your customers depend on their equipment, the more they need extended coverage. As machines age, common sense dictates they’re more likely to experience some type of mechanical breakdown. When your dealership offers a Protect My Iron® full machine construction equipment warranty, you’re giving your customer the greatest possible peace of mind. If something does go wrong, they can be confident the machine will be repaired and back on the job as quickly as possible.


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