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Selling Points | Articulated Dump Trucks With Intelligent Traction Can Save Your Customers Money

Selling Points | Articulated Dump Trucks With Intelligent Traction Can Save Your Customers Money

Once again, technology advances both productivity and safety. Articulated dump trucks now generate higher ROI than ever, thanks to intelligent traction. They can save your customers money and help them make money, too.

Intelligent traction – or automatic traction control — allows you to operate articulated dump trucks more confidently and efficiently, even when the terrain is heavily sloped or ground conditions are extra-rough or just plain sloppy. It now comes standard on ADTs. The system monitors axle speeds and wheel spin multiple times per second. If it detects slip in one or more wheels or axles, it automatically makes adjustments.

Savings come from several sources.

More efficient operation increases jobsite productivity and also reduces fuel consumption. And because traction is always optimal no matter the conditions, your customers don’t have to waste valuable time and resources on non-revenue-generating activities like maintaining haul roads. Further, ADTs are easier to operate, requiring less training time.

Here are just a few examples of what’s new with articulated dump trucks.

Better control.

  • Operator selection of manual versus automatic traction control.
  • Rings on tandem housings – one front turning ring, one on each rear housing plus one at the articulation joint. This allows the cab to rotate separately from the rear frame and facilitates even extreme positional differences between the front and rear wheels of each tandem.
  • Longitudinal differential locks that can be engaged to divide power 50/50 between the front and rear axles. With this feature, both axles have limited-slip differentials.
  • Inter-axle locks that keep axles turning at the same rate and differential locks that match wheel spin on the left and right. The systems work independently or together and can be disengaged when traction isn’t a problem. That saves unnecessary wear and tear on tires and drivetrain.
  • Differential locks that engage automatically when the ADT is traveling up to 12 mph, forward or in reverse. Manual override with this system enables the operator to fully engage differential lock at any articulation angle. The operator can switch to manual operation on the fly without losing momentum.
  • Standard 6×4 drive mode that automatically switches to 6×6 when needed. The sensors that detect the need to switch also read bogie axle input speed, mid-axle output speed, and the steering angle. Operating in 6×4 drive mode whenever possible reduces tire wear.

8 Questions To Ask Before You Purchase an ADT/Articulated Dump TruckSafer braking.

  • Operator-selected “waiting brake” and “hill assist” features that can be used for load and dump cycles and to prevent rollback when the ADT is stopped on a slope. Both features work with all six brakes.
  • An exhaust-style engine brake that can be periodically cycled during idling. That keeps exhaust temperature high enough to enable proper after-treatment function.
  • Inboard-mounted wet disk brakes that offer better braking and longer service intervals.
  • Parking brakes that engage automatically in neutral, but only when the vehicle is not moving. Both engine braking and the retarder kick in when the operator lifts his foot from the accelerator. The release is torque-dependent, providing hill-assist and anti-rollback support.

On-board weighing

  • No more guessing if the load is “full” by weight – the measurement that counts. The operator can view weight data from inside the cab, and the loader operator can judge the load by watching green-yellow-red indicator lights.
  • Load-related telematics data that includes tons per hour, tons per fuel unit, tons per cycle, cycle counts and cycles per time unit. Achieving ideal loading right at the stockpile eliminates wasteful trips to the scale to check the load weight.
  • Additional telematics that give fleet managers broader, customizable data such as accumulated payload, average payload per truck cycle or dump counts by multiple time units.

Whew! That’s quite a list. No wonder articulated dump trucks with intelligent traction can save your customers money.

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