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Stand Out From Competition With Unique Construction Equipment Extended Warranty Features from Protect My Iron®

Stand Out From Competition With Unique Construction Equipment Extended Warranty Features from ADI Agency

Stand Out From Competition With Unique Construction Equipment Extended Warranty Features from Protect My Iron®

It’s all about the bottom line. Yours, and your customer’s. Construction equipment dealerships that grow and make money are the ones that do everything they can to help their customers grow their own business, so they can make money, too. Offering value-added services such as construction equipment extended warranty options sets you well apart from the competition.

ADI-equipment-dealersWhen customers can clearly see your dealership offers more advantages, they know you understand what matters to them on a daily basis. They know you have their back, because solid extended warranty coverage can avert financial disaster if something major should go wrong with a machine.

Reality check.

No one expects machinery to break down. It’s designed to be rugged and durable. But occasionally bad things happen, even to owners who are religious about proper operation and maintenance. Construction equipment extended warranty programs ensure your customers are protected, not left facing significant expense and downtime.

It’s easy for customers to get behind unique features that protect their productivity and profitability. And, let’s face it. Peace of mind may not have monetary value, but less stress and frustration definitely helps your customer’s day go more smoothly. Who wouldn’t appreciate that?

hand_shake_flat_icon-02ADI Agency has you covered.

You and your customer. We’re the only company that offers products created exclusively for construction equipment dealerships and OEMs, created by insurance experts who have extensive hands-on experience in the construction industry.

Protect My Iron® is a strategic management tool. This program enables you to offer unique insurance products and warranty programs directly to your customers. It also enables you to earn direct benefits from the sale and revenue associated with those products. There are indirect benefits, too — substantially increased customer service that helps you build stronger, lasting relationships with long-time customers and provide new customers with more than just a good deal on a machine.

Warranty Management Software | Warranty Connect | Protect My Iron ®Warranty Connect is proprietary, customized software that links manufacturers, dealers and customers. The system automates everything from claims to invoicing, and you can easily generate reports or printed certificates. There are specialized versions for dealers or OEMs.

Warranty Connect can be custom-branded so the software appears seamless, visually and functionally. You can also custom-tailor the software for your in-house administrative staff, sales team and customers, determining what information each type of user can access. Customers can log on via their personal portal 24/7 to store warranty-related documents, file a claim or track its status.

You can’t find these products anywhere else. These unique features enable you to turn insurance liability into an asset, helping protect your customer’s bottom line, boosting your own bottom line and setting yourself apart as an exemplary construction equipment dealership.

loyalty_hand_shake-02Rev it up even more with a high-octane rewards program.

Extended warranty coverage protects your customers against the unexpected. But you can help them boost profitability day in and day out, by offering a meaningful loyalty program. As prevalent as loyalty rewards are throughout most industries, not all construction equipment dealers have gotten the message. That’s an opportunity for you.

ADI’s Loyalty Bound program is another product specifically geared toward the construction industry. It’s an easy-to-use way to significantly outclass your competition by offering rewards that matter – helping repeat customers save money so they can keep more of their hard-earned dollars.


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