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So What’s Covered in a Construction Equipment Powertrain Warranty?

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So What’s Covered in a Construction Equipment Powertrain Warranty?

An extended construction equipment warranty is just as important as the original warranty that comes with brand new machines. Heavy equipment should last many years, but occasionally things break or fail. If that happens, your customer’s jobsite could come to a standstill. Or part of your dealership’s rental fleet will be out of commission. Even if you have backup equipment, the cost of repairs and replacing major components can be expensive. That’s where an extended powertrain warranty comes in.

Continuous coverage provides both functional and financial protection. And, for your dealership, the ability to offer that type of superior protection to your customers can help you stand out significantly from the competition.

ADI has you covered, with Protect My Iron®.

Protect My Iron® | ADI AgencyUsing our decades of experience in both the construction and insurance industries, we’ve developed an entirely new approach to extended warranty coverage that benefits dealers and customers but also manufacturers and lenders. It’s a comprehensive program designed to help your dealership build a stronger relationship with each customer, by standing behind the products you sell and making it easy for customers to acquire and track their coverage.

Protect My Iron® includes three extended construction equipment warranty options. This is the coverage your customers will need when they purchase used machinery from you or when their new equipment ages out of the OEM’s initial warranty.

Your customers can choose to insure their machine’s powertrain, the powertrain plus hydraulics or the entire machine. We’ll describe powertrain coverage for construction equipment in this blog post, and discuss the other options in future posts.

What does a powertrain warranty include?

Each construction equipment extended service contract covers a specific period of time or number of hours. Within that range, powertrain warranty coverage includes:

The engine:

  • ADI Agency | Protect My Iron | Extended Service Contracts WarrantyThe block, crankshaft, flywheel, pistons, gears, camshaft and cylinder head assembly, valves and their assembly components.
  • Fuel system components.
  • Air induction and exhaust systems.
  • Lubrication system.
  • Cooling and heat exchange systems.

The power transmission:

  • Manual shift components.
  • Flywheel and clutch components.
  • Torque converter, including retarder and controls.
  • Power shift components.
  • Hydrostatic components.
  • Countershaft components.
  • Power flow connectors.

Drive systems:

  • Steering clutches and brakes for track vehicles, except differential steering.
  • Differential steering and brakes.
  • Drive line for track or wheeled vehicles.
  • Wheels and axles for wheeled vehicles.
  • Piston motor and hydraulic drive.
  • Drive axles.

Powertrain warranty coverage also includes vibratory components, the swing gear assembly and electrical system.

What’s not covered?

Mechanical breakdown or parts failure caused by:

  • You – misuse, neglect or improper maintenance, using the wrong fuel, etc.
  • External causes  — fire, theft, natural disasters, terrorism, etc.
  • Extras – on-site as opposed to in-shop work, mechanic travel, equipment transportation, additional parts not specifically covered.
  • Normal wear and tear.

Protecting Equipment From Cradle To Grave | Protect My Iron ® | ADI AgencyConnecting your customers with an extended service contract clearly demonstrates your commitment to customer service. You’re taking an important extra step to help them protect their investment and keep their business up and running. That makes you the kind of solid working partner every contractor wants, whether they’re an owner operator or managing a large fleet of equipment over multiple jobsites.

ADI’s Protect My Iron® program not only enhances your ability to support and stay in touch with customers, it rewards your dealership for doing the right thing by helping you generate additional revenue. That’s coverage that extends beyond any powertrain.