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Knowledgeable Claim Adjusters & How It Benefits Your Warranty Claims


Working With Our Knowledgeable Claim Adjusters & How It Benefits Your Equipment Warranty Claims

When you’re faced with equipment warranty claims, the last thing you want or need is an uncertain settlement process. Your dealership staff and your customer-owner need knowledgeable claim adjusters that can help you get equipment repaired properly and back on the job as soon as possible.

This is a time when every detail counts. It’s a time when missing one of those details or misunderstanding its importance can cause delay, frustration and added expense. No one wants that. That’s why there is no substitute for a claim adjuster who has both knowledge and experience. We’re not just talking about insurance knowledge or time on the job in the insurance industry. You need someone who understands your end of the equation, too.

Broad-based experience serves you best.

Working-With-Our-Knowledgeable-Claim-Adjusters-&-How-It-Benefits-Your-Equipment-Warranty-Claims3You expect your claims adjuster to be knowledgeable when it comes to insurance regulations and the coverage specifics of your customer’s insurance policy. But it takes more than that to smoothly and quickly resolve equipment warranty claims.

The most knowledgeable claim adjusters are those who have not only been in the industry for years but who have worked in construction or trucking capacities, too – as a technician, for instance. They know first-hand how machines work. They know how the servicing and repair processes work in a real shop, so they understand what it really takes to accomplish claim-related repairs.

When your adjuster knows what’s involved, they know which parts, tools and equipment will be required to get the work done right. They know how various components affect one another:

  • What can be salvaged?
  • What can be repaired?
  • What should be replaced?
  • Is an aftermarket part going to be reliable, or are OEM parts required?

They can correctly estimate labor requirements as well as parts. Then they can put all that practical knowledge to work figuring a realistic cost of repairs, rather than simply “going by the book.” It takes knowledge and experience to arrange the most effective repairs at the most efficient cost for both the insurer and the equipment owner.

Knowledgeable claim adjusters understand how construction and trucking companies operate. They speak your language. So they know what it means to your customer when a vehicle or piece of equipment is down for repairs — why timeliness is so crucial when it comes to equipment warranty claims.

Communication is key to successfully settling equipment warranty claims. After all, it’s in everyone’s best interest to settle claims and issue accurate payment as quickly as possible.

It all comes down to confidence.

Working-With-Our-Knowledgeable-Claim-Adjusters-&-How-It-Benefits-Your-Equipment-Warranty-Claims2True customer service involves a lot more than filling out claims forms. You and your customer look to adjusters to be your partner in resolving claims as quickly as possible, with emphasis on what’s best for the customer. The right adjuster can improve the entire claims handling process. When you get a thorough, correct estimate, you don’t have to worry about re-inspections, delays in completing repairs or waiting on supplemental payments.

Here at ADI Agency, we are thoroughly grounded in the insurance, trucking and construction equipment industries. Our people have had more than three decades of combined hands-on experience working with equipment and trucking dealerships. They have extensive first-hand knowledge and frontline experience that make them true experts in the industry. And of course they understand the ins and outs of the insurance industry.

We are the kind of working partner you and your customer can depend on. Your dealership staff and your construction or trucking customers will have confidence in their equipment warranty claims process when they know they’re working with our knowledgeable claims adjusters.

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