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Great Customer Service Will Help Your Dealership Sell More Inventory

Great Customer Service Will Help Your Dealership Sell More Inventory

The concept of “customer service” has received an astounding amount of discussion over the years, to the point where it may seem trite. But the reality is, true customer service – the kind people appreciate and remember – is more valuable now than ever before in helping your dealership sell more inventory.



In a high-tech-happy world, it’s perhaps ironic that people expect more personalization. They don’t really care about you or your products, except when it comes to what your dealership and equipment can do for them. And if you go the extra mile for them, you can acquire a customer for life.

Delivering unexpected customer service can grow your business in subtle but profitable ways.


customer-experienceHelping a prospect or existing customer solve a problem shows you care about them, not just about making another sale. It’s the kind of thing people remember, the kind of experience they share with friends and associates, online and in person. That’s solid word-of-mouth advertising for your dealership.

Working with your OEM so a customer can take delivery of their brand new truck or wheel loader ahead of schedule is a sign of great customer service. The same is true when your service department completes routine maintenance or repairs on their equipment sooner than promised. You’re their hero, because you know time is money for them, and every day of down time hurts their business. You understand, and you care.

Small details add up to a big customer experience.

Extended hours of operation, on-site service and quick turn-around on needed parts are critical to busy truckers, fleet managers and contractors. Little extras like washing their equipment after you service it make an indelible difference. You don’t have to do it, but you do, and it’s free. That’s nice.

But not every extra has to be free. Are there other value-added items or services you could be offering that would save your customers time or money? Those additional products and conveniences are additional revenue sources for your dealership, helping sell more parts inventory, after-market accessories and service or repair shop hours.

Exceptional customer service is a genuine marketing tool.

marketing_tool_boxDoes your OEM have an accreditation program or something similar that highlights top-flight dealerships like yours? If so, you should participate – not only to improve the experience you provide potential and existing customers, but because you can use your certification to independently validate your commitment to superior customer service and continuing improvement.

Display your certification everywhere you can. Talk about your customer service improvement efforts in blog articles or social media posts. Highlight testimonials and online reviews that tell stories about how you personalize service. You aren’t bragging, you’re letting people know you’re the kind of dealership they prefer to work with.

You can’t fake customer service.

Snappy advertising slogans that talk about your great customer service impress no one. It’s what you do that counts. Your customers already have to deal with too many people whose attitude says “that isn’t my job.” So every time you step up to help them, regardless of whether it’s your job, you’re constructing a stronger relationship.

Customer service is really a combination of communication and collaboration. You’re a working partner for your customers, even for prospects that haven’t yet become customers. When buying from your dealership becomes more than a financial transaction, you’re building a loyal relationship. You take the time to listen. You’re a trusted adviser. And a friend. You have their back now, and you’ll be there as a reliable resource for them in the future.

Your dealership can’t survive only by selling to first-time buyers. Ensuring every one of your prospects and customers has a first-rate, personalized experience keeps them coming back, and that’s how your dealership can sell more inventory.

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