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What Digital Marketing Means for Traditional Advertising

What Digital Marketing Means for Traditional Advertising

Embracing Digital Marketing Within Your DealershipYou may have heard that digital marketing has replaced traditional advertising to promote your business and generate sales. Not so. Forsaking one for the other is actually pretty short-sighted. Why not combine them and get the best of both worlds? People in the heavy equipment and construction industries are just as internet-savvy as anyone else, but you know your prospects and customers also still rely on their favorite trade associations, industry publications, equipment shows and other traditional sources for information and recommendations regarding what to buy and from whom. Eliminating those things from your marketing mix takes you out of the picture. That could be costly.

Digital marketing opens new doors. Web-based – or inbound marketing techniques definitely offer a wide range of opportunities you can’t capture with traditional means. It has two prominent attributes that set it apart: you can very narrowly target your messages and delivery methods, and you can reach your audience anywhere, any time.

Specifically, that means you can:

• Use social media to instantly get the word out about a new product, promotion, service, staff member, etc.

• Engage people with two-way communication.

• Attract higher-quality leads.

• Leverage your marketing budget and co-op funds, because inbound is very affordable.

• Measure your results with ongoing tracking and analysis and A/B testing drills down to the tiniest detail to ensure your marketing is working most productively.

Digital marketing comes in many guises. Combine Traditional Advertising & Digital Marketing | Loyalty BoundYour website, blog, webinars, slide presentations,  e-books, e-newsletters, white papers, and social media activities give you a versatile range of methods to provide information, tell stories and conduct conversations. That two-way communication is another hallmark of digital marketing, and it’s the basis for building relationships that lead to sales

Digital marketing helps you:

• Increase brand awareness.

• Promote your products and services.

• Engage with customers just as you would do in person.

• Personalize your company.

• Build credibility and trust, establishing you as the go-to authoritative resource for prospects as well as longtime customers.

Use them together to multiply the benefits.

Just as you create cross-links among your online marketing content – your blog links to a page within your website, your social media post links to a YouTube video, your e-newsletter links to a downloadable article – you can connect your traditional and digital marketing using QR codes, your web address, etc. as a call to action in printed materials. Cross-promotion keeps things interesting for your audience, too. A strategically-planned combination of traditional and digital marketing methods allows you to finally reach your prospects and customers in ways they prefer, with information and help they need. That makes optimum use of your resources and attracts quality leads you can convert to buyers. That’s the best of both worlds.

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