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Mobile Marketing Can No Longer Be Ignored. Time to Integrate it Into Your Dealership Marketing Strategy


Mobile Marketing Can No Longer Be Ignored. Time to Integrate it Into Your Dealership Marketing Strategy

We’ve talked in numerous blog articles about the growing use of mobile devices. These devices may be seen as conveniences by consumers and business people on the go, but they have become critical tools for contractors and those in the trucking industry whose work is the very definition of “mobile.” You communicate with prospects and customers all the time using mobile devices. But has your dealership’s mobile marketing kept pace?

responsive designThese days, a dealership marketing strategy that doesn’t heavily favor mobile marketing could be detrimental to business growth. The key to marketing success now is reaching prospects and customers where and when they’re looking for information. Your target audiences are more likely to be on the road or on a jobsite than sitting around in some office.

Statistics tell the story

Worldwide, mobile data traffic increased 4000x in the past 10 years. Google says more than half of all searches come from a mobile device. Cisco’s Visual Networking Index forecasts that by 2020, 80% of mobile data traffic will involve smartphones. And get this: they also say that by 2020, video will account for 75% of mobile traffic globally. Your dealership marketing may not extend around the world, but that 75% figure should be a directive for refining your marketing strategy. Use more video.

How can you boost your mobile marketing?

Integrate it with all your marketing efforts:

  • Mobile-Marketing-Can-No-Longer-Be-Ignored-Time-to-Integrate-it-Into-Your-Dealership-Marketing-Strategy-2Make sure your website is optimized for mobile. Many marketers are now using responsive design, which automatically detects each viewer’s device type and adjusts to accommodate it nicely. If you’ve ever struggled to view a website using your smartphone or a small tablet, you understand why optimization is critical.

Frustration and annoyance drive web visitors away immediately. And often permanently. If you don’t care about their website user experience, you probably don’t care about their experience as a customer, either. The sweetest mobile experience is small. And short.

  • Most business users receive email via their mobile devices, to ensure timely communication. Are you using email for mobile marketing? If the day is going to be very hot, send an email with one or two heat safety reminders and a link to your 7-point list of reminders.

on tiem iconHere’s a tip: if your marketing message is time-sensitive (such as our example about heat safety tips), send it during business hours. Otherwise, consider focusing mobile marketing distribution on the weekends or in the evening or early morning. You want recipients to open and read your message, so interrupting them in the midst of a busy day may not generate the response you hoped for. Get to them when they’re more relaxed, and they’ll probably be more receptive.

  • Consider paid mobile advertising. You can target it in multiple ways – including timing.
  • Study your analytics to see when your marketing messages are being opened, read, shared. And to see how and when visitors are viewing your web pages. Kick it up a notch, by reaching out to ask current customers about their “what/when” preferences as well as their marketing channel preferences. Then use this information to refine your mobile strategy and tactics.

Marketing is about making connections, with prospects and existing customers. So talk to your marketing experts about how your dealership marketing incorporates mobile now and how you can create an even more mobile-friendly strategy.

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