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Increase Engagement with List Style Blog Posts for your Dealership

Increase Engagement with List Style Blog Posts for your Dealership

Increase Engagement with List Style Blog Posts for your Dealership

Have you been creating infographics as part of your dealership’s marketing content mix? These informational images have proven to be best-sellers in terms of audience engagement and social sharing. These list style blog posts are eye-catching and they’re a great way to portray content that might otherwise be a bit boring, such as a series of statistics or how-to-steps.

construction-infographicBut here’s the thing. In order to ensure your infographics really will increase engagement with your target audiences, they have to be firing on all cylinders. Every great visual — whether it’s a photo, a painting or a graphic image like an infographic – has to incorporate the right elements so it tells your story in a captivating way. Only then will it spark the kind of sharing you want.

Here are some tips you can use to tune up your list style blog posts and turn them into top performers for your dealership marketing:

  • Incorporate content that helps your readers solve problems. Without relevant, worthwhile content, readers are 23% less likely to read or share your post. Pique their interest by using words like “why” and “how” in the headline.
  • Give your infographic a short URL for linking. Short URLs generate 2.5X more clicks. Better yet, use your keyword in the URL, because that’s one of the top five ranking factors.
  • Use numbers in your headlines. Numbers generate 36% more clicks. Better yet, use odd numbers and watch your number of clicks jump another 20%
  • Make the top image on your infographic pinnable, and give it some text overlay. This can triple engagement. Some experts say the “perfect” pin is 735 pixels wide and features a reddish-orange color.
  • Add floating share buttons for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. to your infographic. This can boost your social traffic as much as 27%.
  • gear-512Choose only top-quality photos or graphic images. Poor quality is a deal-killer for potential engagement, and it reflects poorly on your dealership. On the other hand, crisp images can increase sharing 121%. If you use multiple images (and that’s likely in an infographic), present them in a consistent format. That’s more appealing to the eye and it gives your post a professional, cohesive look.
  • Keep text short. Think of your infographic as a set of illustrated bullets, and you can increase its readability by more than half. In other words, it should be easy to scan and grasp. That means short sub-heads as well as short text, so readers can get the big picture at a glance.
  • If you link to source content, choose sites/content with high numbers for linking and sharing so you can achieve the broadest reach. For example, BuzzSumo, Majestic and OpenSiteExplorer all offer built-in distribution networks.

You aren’t finished yet.

You could sit back and wait for your post to drive the sharing and traffic you want, or you could take a couple of proactive steps to get better mileage from it. Way better mileage. Try these ideas:

  • drive website trafficIf you mentioned someone (or several folks) in your post, send them a short email to let them know. Include a link to your post, and ask if they would be willing to share the post with their followers, too.
  • Look into your analytics to see who has shared similar content of yours in the past. (If you aren’t compiling this type of information, you should start.) Send them a short email with a link to your new infographic, explaining how it relates to content that interested them before. Ask them to share this latest post, too.

Fine-tuning little details can add up to big improvements in the performance of your list style blog posts. When you increase engagement you’re more likely to boost sharing. And that can exponentially increase opportunities to reach prospects who just may become your dealership’s new best customers.

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